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This enhance your dance class is for belly dancers, dancers, speakers or individuals that want to learn how to powerfully and effectively incorporate their authentic expression, facial expressions and hair into their dance and everyday life. Get your Body language congruent with your emotions and thoughts so that you can express your self and feel beautiful and confident in the process.

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Nadirah is the Producer of America's Number 1 most watched workout show. Goddess In Motion Show on Workout San Diego on The Talk of San Diego Network.
She is the founder of The Goddess In Motion Institute a whole health centered place for dance, personal, business and spiritual development.
Nadirah is a cancer survivor who used the ancient art of belly dance to assist her in reclaiming her health.
Nadirah is a world renown master instructor and performer, she is a multi award winning belly dancer and two time winner Belly Dancer of The Universe.
Her Dvd "Belly dance healing from illness is promoting healing and transformation in thousands of women and mens lives around the world.
Nadirah just became an International Best Selling Author
"Goddess In Motion Activity Book to step into your healing power.
helping people heal and transform through the healing power of art and coloring,
She is the creator of the Goddess In Motion and Bodies In Motion Method a dance and movement program that is providing healing, agelessness , viability and community to everyone who experiences this experiential sensual movement class.

" “I like the freedom. There are no expectations, we just move. It’s good exercise. I go to other exercise classes but I get more from this than the others. I’m very private, but here you can let loose and be yourself,”"

Imperial Beach Eagle Times Interview / Student Syble Rogers