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by Erica Vetra, Yoga Instructor
My classes guide you through challenging poses, encouraging you to find your own voice. As an instructor I hope to help you cultivate love, courage, and true strength both on and off your mat.
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Uploaded Aug 05, 2018: 1 hr, 10 min
This is a 70-minute mindful flow filmed in the southern Italian region of Puglia! In this class we'll work with twists, binding to enhance twists, and a few hip opening arm balances. I hope you enjoy! Level: 3.
Uploaded May 08, 2018: 1 hr, 24 min
This class is brought to you from Greece and like the Mediterranean sun, will build lots of heat! The physical practice is 60 minutes long and you will see lots of lower body stability as well as core focused twisting. Leave some extra time for savasana, as there is a 15 minute guided meditation. Enjoy! Level: 3.
Uploaded Mar 05, 2018: 1 hr, 3 min
This is a 60 minute flow that will light up your legs and increase lower body strength! The ladder format allows lots of reps and a steady way to build heat, for delicious opening and release. Level: 4. Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 19, 2018: 30 min
This no-nonsense yoga flow will get you breathing and moving fast! It's a perfect workout for when you're pressed for time; and it will leave you feeling energized and refreshed! Thank you for your support, and enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 8 min
Set aside 8 minutes to breathe and stretch out your lateral/side body. This is an area that can be easily missed in our efforts to stretch the back and front bodies. Download individually, or purchase the three pack!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 8 min
Spend 8 minutes of your day to breathe and stretch out your front body. Most of us could benefit highly from longer quads, and a more open chest! Download individually, or purchase the three pack!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 9 min
Take 8 minutes out of your day to breathe and stretch out your back body. More open hamstrings and spines helps us be pain free! Download individually, or purchase the three pack!
Uploaded Jul 09, 2018: 26 min
It is said that we're only as old as our spines! The more mobility and support we have in our spines, the more comfortable and happier our activities can be! Practice this short flow anytime you want to breathe deeper and stand up straighter. I will guide you through twists, back body stretches, heart openers, and shoulder activators in order to encourage freedom and length in your spine. See you on the mat! Lots of love and light!
Uploaded Oct 30, 2017: 42 min
This 40-minute flow was filmed in beautiful Voula, Greece. Although it isn't one of the longer classes, it is relatively fast-paced and gives opportunities for some fun challenges. Crow pose, and Half Moon variations, and a few more! Enjoy! Level: 3/4.
Uploaded Oct 09, 2017: 1 hr, 16 min
This is a 70-minute flow that I filmed in North Carolina! It focuses on smooth transitions, back body breathing, and hamstring lengthening. I hope you enjoy! Level: 2.
Uploaded Jul 30, 2017: 1 hr, 5 min
This is a well-rounded practice filmed in Puglia, in the south of Italy. It focuses on integration as well as creating space in the inner body. A moderately paced class that will both calm and energize. Enjoy! Level: 3.
Uploaded Jun 25, 2017: 58 min
This is a one-hour class filmed in Ithaca, NY, in the early spring! We work through tension in the outer hips and find length in the side body to get deeper into core strength and activation. Some fun twists and a new Eagle pose variation too! Level: 4.
Uploaded May 14, 2017: 1 hr, 1 min
Uploaded Apr 03, 2017: 1 hr, 9 min
This is a 70 minute Vinyasa flow with an emphasis on leg strength, leg length, and binding. Enjoy!
Uploaded Dec 18, 2016: 1 hr, 3 min
This is a 60-minute flow filmed on Cornell campus in Ithaca, New York! Join me as we explore "shutting off" the brain in order to move in peace through our physical bodies. You'll see deep lunges, deep core activation, and shoulder integration. Level: 3.
Uploaded Mar 15, 2017: 1 hr, 4 min
This grounding flow was filmed in Ithaca NY, on one of the last days of our beautiful Fall season! Focus is on lower body strength, stability during standing balance, expanding during twists, and appreciating our lives. Level: 3.
Uploaded Nov 15, 2016: 26 min
Uploaded Nov 15, 2016: 33 min
Uploaded Oct 22, 2018: 25 min
Uploaded Nov 06, 2016: 1 hr
I filmed this one-hour class at the base of the Flatirons in Boulder. You'll get to practice core integration, whole body stabilization, and experiment with a jump-back from an arm balance! Give it a shot! Level: 3.
Uploaded Sep 25, 2016: 1 hr, 7 min
This is a 70-minute class filmed in downtown Austin. It focuses on back body opening and lengthening as well as lots of inversions. You'll get to practice forearm and hand balancing poses, so make sure you've got energy! Level: 4.
Uploaded Aug 14, 2016: 1 hr, 17 min
This 70 minute class was filmed on Cayuga lake in Aurora, New York. It focuses on full core engagement, lateral body opening, and hip opening. You'll see some strong standing poses as well as deep hip opening and a fun arm balance option. Level: 4.
Uploaded Oct 09, 2017: 48 min
This 45 minute practice is great for lower body activation and strength! Experiment with chair pose transitions into one leg balancing, and a twisty arm balance! Level: 3.
Uploaded Jun 05, 2016: 59 min
This class was filmed at Blackbird Studio in Ithaca NY! One hour of heart activating and expanding, accompanied by hamstrings and twisting. Level: 3.
Uploaded Mar 18, 2017: 56 min
Filmed at Stewart Park in Ithaca, NY. 55-minute flow focusing on side stretching, some twists balanced with Warrior 2, arm strength, and some fun arm balance opportunities. Integrate your core into all your poses and build more stability. Level: 3.
Uploaded May 15, 2016: 44 min
Filmed at Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, NY. 45-minute flow focused on hip opening and binding. Covers everything from upper body, to core, and hip flexibility. Attention to how to strengthen your downward facing dog, plank, and flipping your dog. Level: 3/4.
Uploaded May 15, 2016: 58 min
Filmed in Upstate, NY. Put everything you are into everything you do in this 60-minute flow focused on twisting, core, and heart and hip opening. Strengthen your vinyasa by moving from plank to downward dog and upward facing dog to downward dog. Apply love and stay present in all that you do. A couple fun surprises: lizard and double pigeon! Level: 4.
Uploaded Oct 09, 2017: 1 hr, 1 min
Filmed at Treman Marina in Ithaca, NY. 60-minute flow focused on opening the hips, heart, and finding beauty in everything. Attention to one leg balances (eagle pose) and supported head stand. Get ready to breathe! Level: 3.
Uploaded May 15, 2016: 1 hr, 9 min
Filmed in Cornell Orchards in Ithaca, NY. 70 minute healing practice. Pretty challenging flow focused on back bending and twisting with opportunities for forearm stands. Shake it out and activate your core. Nice full wheel variation. Level: 4/5.
Uploaded Sep 04, 2017: 45 min
Filmed in Chiang Mai Northern Thailand. 45-minute well paced flow focusing on hip and heart opening. Sweet standing balance and side plank variations. Flow from Warrior 2 to Half Moon Pose. Keep your heart open and maintain open breath. Level: 2.
Uploaded May 15, 2016: 1 hr, 1 min
Filmed in Ludlowville, NY. Breathe deep in this 60-minute flow focused on twisting, core, and hip opening. Get strong in downward facing dog and Warrior One. Stay focused in side plank variations. Let things in and let things out. Be a vessel. Level: 3.
Uploaded Mar 18, 2017: 57 min
Filmed in the university area of Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is a 55-minute flow focused on hip opening, twisting, and hamstring opening. Set your own intention and breathe. Nice half moon and pigeon pose variations. Level: 2.
Uploaded Jun 08, 2016: 56 min
Filmed at Chiang Mai Canyon in Thailand. 60-minute flow focused on core work and standing balances with a fun arm balance at the end (firefly) and elephant trunk pose. This video inspired by fresh air, sunlight, and water reminds us that we’d rather be here than at the dentist! Level: 2/3.
Uploaded May 15, 2016: 1 hr, 12 min
Filmed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is a 70-minute flow with attention to core, strength, and breath. A little bit of binding and side crow action, and longer held poses. Let everything in as all part of the experience. Level: 4.
Uploaded Mar 18, 2017: 56 min
Filmed near the Old City in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 55-minute flow focused on linking breath with movement. Attention to core, twisting, standing balances, and arm balances at the end (side crow and firefly pose). Find true power and strength. Level: 3.
Uploaded Feb 18, 2017: 45 min
This is the first class I filmed at my Muay Thai gym in northern Thailand! This 45-minute flow deals with twisting and standing one leg balance (dancing shiva to tree pose to dancer pose). Look inward and link breath with movement. Level: 2.
Uploaded Oct 09, 2017: 57 min
Filmed at Lake Hong Tao in northern Thailand. Invigorating and relaxing practice to do in the evening. 60-minute relaxed flow focused on strength, core, hip opening, and back bending. Wonderful Warrior One to Humble Warrior to Side Angle Pose transitions. Go deep and open your heart with King Lizard. Level: 2/3.
Uploaded May 15, 2016: 58 min
Filmed in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 60-minute flow focused on hip opening, core, and arm balances. Strengthen your Warrior One and Downward Facing Dog. Wonderful crow pose variations and plow pose-in-lotus. Level: 3.
Uploaded Mar 18, 2017: 59 min
Filmed in Austin, TX. Shake off aggression with this 60-minute power flow focused on twisting, core, and strength. Attention to Warrior One, Two, and Triangle Pose. Feel beautiful in goddess pose to side angle transition. Level: 4/5.
Uploaded Feb 18, 2017: 43 min
Filmed at the beach in North Carolina. 45-minute fast paced flow focused on breathing and flexibility. Floss your brain with your breath. Strengthen your vinyasa and chair pose. Yogi toe-lock to one leg balance. Crow pose. Savasana surprise at the end. Level: 3.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 41 min
Filmed in Austin, TX. 40-minute flow focusing on hip opening, stretching, twisting, and standing balances. Look inward and build up to challenges. Crescent Tree Pose and crescent side plank variations. Attention also to chair pose. Level: 2/3.
Uploaded May 18, 2016: 1 hr, 9 min
Filmed at Practice Yoga Austin. 70-minute vinyasa focused on hip and heart opening. Focus on your core, alignment, and strength – necessary for handstands. Level: 2/3.
Uploaded Jan 23, 2015: 1 hr, 7 min
This class is complete with lower body strengthening, lengthening, inversions and arm balances. Have fun!
Uploaded Jan 16, 2015: 43 min
This flow gets you started immediately! Work on lunging and balance in some fun boat pose variations!
Uploaded Mar 18, 2017: 44 min
Happy New Year! This is a 40-minute flow which will light up your core and improve your balance. Enjoy!
Uploaded Jan 19, 2015: 46 min
Get stretchy and open in this 45 minute practice. Side stretches and heart opening!