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by T. Christopher Campbell, TaiJi Professional, M.T.J.B.E.T.
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Uploaded Mar 11, 2018: 21 min
This lesson/practice video will guide you on the organic form of the Five Dynamic Energies, it's structure, philosophy and flow of movement.
Uploaded Mar 11, 2018: 12 min
Two Qi Gong forms, Zhan Zhuang (Stand like a Tree) and 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade.
Uploaded Mar 11, 2018: 5 min
The essence of Tai Ji, the Five Dynamic Energies is based on the different qualities of movement within the original 13 Postures of Tai Ji form and it is the root to Daoist philosophical/medical aspects of life.
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 32 min
Lesson 5 begins our study into our short form of Tai Ji called the wu xing by taking a look at the first two dynamic forces, huo & shui (fire & water).
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 45 min
We experience the "Standing Essentials" to the practice. A natural progression to our seated practice, we learn the techniques and benefits in standing in our Wu Ji position. Then we learn our first of the five moves of movements that can be applied to our Qi Gong form.
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 30 min
Practicing the Jin Hua and Ba Ji along with our whole form of Qi Gong
Uploaded Nov 18, 2014: 36 min
Continuation of Lesson 3 and the discourse on The Golden Flower and the 8 Dynamic Energy Flow.
Uploaded Nov 17, 2014: 26 min
Lesson 3 - Disc A - introduces two more intricate & unique moves in our seated Qi Gong form, The Golden Flower(Jin Hua) & the 8 Dynamic Energy Flow(Ba Ji). These additional moves open up our qi channels and pumps the qi through.
Uploaded Oct 18, 2014: 37 min
In Lesson 2, we begin to establish the sequence of moves that creates the first part of our Qi Gong Form.
Uploaded Oct 18, 2014: 44 min
This 44 minute practice video provides three sessions of practice. Two seated and one standing, highlighting the first part of our Qi Gong Form
Uploaded Oct 18, 2014: 19 min
A practice of what was discussed and demonstrated in Lesson 1, giving an excellent opportunity to practice.
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 25 min
With Access through any device that connects with the internet, Your Subscription includes: 1 Monthly Seated Essential Tai JI & Qi Gong Lesson 1 Monthly Seated Tai Ji Practice Time for Tai Ji Updates
Uploaded Mar 11, 2018: 3 min
Module # 5 begins the study of our short form of Tai Ji called the wu xing, the five dynamic energies. This preview will share the important Chinese characters in the form and inspire.
Uploaded Mar 11, 2018: 9 min
This clip, taken from #4 Module, shares the philosophy of learning in this course of Essential Tai Ji & Qi Gong. The multi-faceted approach to practice & study encourages a natural way of learning from the inside out.
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 7 min
Experience the Practice of Movement that has been created within the last 4 Modules of Essential Tai Ji and Qi Gong. With Taos Mountain in the background, flow along and become familiar with the movement & characters of our form so far.
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 30 min
We go into Deeper Study and experience the "Qi-lligraphy" of the Characters we saw in Module #3 and have a practice of our form so far.
Uploaded Mar 26, 2014: 5 min
HD Preview of #3 Module, showing the symbols and the calligraphy spoken of during the lesson.
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 37 min
Symbols are a way to go to the inside of form. The Jin Hua and Ba Ji Symbols will be our guides to the inner flow of qi within our form.
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 21 min
Review and practice of "Essential Tai Ji & Qi Gong" modules number one & two.
Uploaded Jul 14, 2017: 30 min
This video will focus on the first posture of taiji & qigong, the powerful wu ji position. Also will become familiar with our taiji anatomy points of our body and how to circulate qi.
Uploaded Mar 11, 2018: 22 min
This 1st Module of learning lays the groundwork to the practice by understanding the words of Tai Ji & Qi Gong in Chinese Characters, their symbolism & meaning.