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by Michelle Star, Yoga Professional
Gain the flexibility you want! Upbeat, healing, traditional Yoga for every body--learn from a seasoned professional. Join me and get into YOUR best Yoga shape ever!
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Uploaded Mar 07, 2018: 15 min
A moving, celebration of women all around the world! Breathe, stretch and celebrate your feminine polarity in 15 minutes. It's great fun! Download and practice when you have just 15 minutes - includes 2 minutes of Savasana.
Uploaded Jan 24, 2018: 18 min
Celebrate Love for all those in your life, generate the emotion of compassion to raise your vibration and Shine Your Light! Short workout (18 mins..) See the LOVE in this video!
Uploaded Jan 31, 2017: 3 min
What is different about Yoga with Michelle? Watch this video clip and find out! Yoga is an energy transmitted through an experienced teacher, and you will receive compassionate, empowering instruction, whether in my home studio (see or in my Powhow online live and recorded classes. You will notice the difference if you are looking for good Yoga that brings you Home to yourself. Namaste, Michelle
Uploaded Apr 20, 2017: 14 min
Yoga is a GREAT system for enlightenment. What about people that have endured trauma, whether physical, emotional, spiritual or all three? Here is a book that describes a journey from darkness and suicide into profound Light and love! "I Forgive You, Daddy-Yoga and the Angels Healed Me! Along with Astrology, Channeling, Dreams, Past-Life Recall, Psychicism, Telepathy, Walk-Ins and the Whales" is a deeply intimate account that demonstrates healing over a 15-year initiation working with Yoga and the Angels and other healing tools! Available at All my best, Michelle Star
Uploaded Apr 14, 2017: 33 min
The theme for this class is opening the heart. Angel card: Archangel Uriel says, "Your emotions are healing which enables you to open to greater love. I will help you release anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind." Meditate on the green healing energy of the heart chakra, Anahata throughout practice. Heart chakra connects with the Vagus Nerve which is where we all connect with each other. Poses: seated cat, bow pose, Fish, Yoga sit up, forward bend, plank, Downward Facing Dog, Sun pose, lunges/crescent, Pigeon. Visualization on green chakra color/light.
Uploaded Apr 14, 2017: 40 min
The Five Tibetans are a series of Yoga and Yoga-like exercises that rejuvenate and raise metabolism as a morning routine. You can learn to practice them, repeating each 21 times with a couple of counter poses and a short Savasana (relaxation) at the end--all in as little as 13 minutes! You will feel nearly invincible, seriously!
Uploaded Jun 21, 2017: 18 min
Yoga Nidra is a profound technique to take you inward to heal emotions, release deeper tensions, to stimulate inner awareness and images, to heal and bring Light into every cell. You will be taken on a journey through each specific body part to relax, heal and bring in Light. We learn in Yoga Nidra that we are not our emotions, are not a body, and are not an object. We are consciousness and can choose our feelings at any moment. You will learn to see yourself as you become the Witness or Observer, your Higher Self. Lucid dreams and improved memory are also benefits. Practice often and enjoy!
Uploaded Jun 12, 2017: 1 hr, 25 min
This workshop offers a presentation on the chakras including their qualities, descriptions of balanced/imbalanced, mantra associated with them, and how to meditate and cleanse them. Also, how they become congested in the first place. Included is information on the Torus/Tori and the Vagus Nerve and how all 3 are connected, heart chakra, Torus creation center and Vagus Nerve. So interesting! Enjoy! Namaste, Michelle.
Uploaded Apr 27, 2017: 27 min
Tratak is Sanskrit meaning "one pointed focus." A great technique for developing deep, unwavering concentration, one method is candle meditation. This recording takes you through the steps to draw inward into a deep meditative state, release tension and strengthen focus. This development can be used in everyday life, especially in a world that has been impacted by our technology. Reconnect with your inner, Higher Self and the Source. This technique has been a profound source of inspiration, connection and healing. Explore my amazing book, discussed in more detail at
Uploaded Apr 27, 2017: 20 min
Probably the most important Yama is the first: Ahimsa. See the symbol of Ahimsa (meaning stop) embodying the qualities of compassion and kindness, stopping all thought or action of harm or violence. The mantra used is Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu = "May all beings be free and happy and may my thoughts and actions contribute to that freedom for all." In Virabhadrasana I and II, you can hold while contemplating Padma Mudra and mantra given. The first of Niyamas, Saucha represents Purity, both of body and mind, some even interpreting as to what they consume for food. Mantra: Om Aim Hridayam Namaha.
Uploaded Apr 27, 2017: 13 min
Continuing our mini-workshop with the Yamas and Niyamas, the ethical and moral system which is the foundation of Yoga, here are the Yama, Satya (truthfulness) and Santosha (contentment). We work in a Yoga pose with a mudra, mantra and meditation to focus on living our truth and accepting Life with contentment.
Uploaded Apr 27, 2017: 16 min
Continuing with our Mini-workshop, here is Asteya, our Yama representing non-stealing, and our Niyama, Tapas representing agni or fire/heat. We invoke Lakshmi, Goddess of Light and Abundance and Vishnu, Lord of preservation and perseverance. The mantras are Om Shrim Laskhmiyei Namaha for Asteya, letting go of the fear of lack and Om Agnaye Namaha. Also introduced is a Pranahama technique, called Kapalabhati, breath of fire or skull polishing breath. Have fun!
Uploaded Apr 27, 2017: 12 min
Yama - Bramacharya represents maintenance of vitality. We are responsible for taking care of ourselves on a consistent basis. Niyama - Svadhyaya represents self-study and introspection. As we introspect without self-judgment, our fears, thoughts, behaviors and cravings become illuminated and we can release them bringing wisdom and freedom from these chains that bind us.
Uploaded Apr 27, 2017: 10 min
Our final session of the Yamas & Niyamas,-Aparigraha representing non-possessiveness (greedlessness) and Ishvara Pranidhana representing devotion to a higher power. Recognize that we often offer our practice to a being we think is higher than ourselves. We are that essence and we contain the divine source within us. As we release our grip on accumulating and appreciate what we do have, and as we honor our Higher Self, our path becomes more tolerable and even joy-filled. Walk in the Light, Share the Light, Love the Light, Be the Light. In loving service, blessings to all, Michelle Star
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 29 min
-Theme: It's Spring here now and a great time for some cleansing poses. Kneading the low abdomen, resting on the bolster, Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall Pose) and more gentle moves to assist the body in its awakening after the long, dark winter.
Uploaded Apr 12, 2017: 22 min
Don't have an hour for your practice right now? Here's a 20-minute practice that will get your Yoga-moves on. Join me in the studio and we'll practice together. Download and keep handy for those days when time is fleeting.
Uploaded Apr 12, 2017: 34 min
Theme: Quote by Pema Chodron, "You are the sky, everything else is the weather." Take 30 mins. out of your routine to center in the moment with some simple and effective Yoga. Float up to the sky and look down on the clouds. We are expansive and constant, the weather is transitory. Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 38 min
Need a short practice after a day of work? Or perhaps a practice before starting your daily routine? This under 40-min practice brings deep relaxation throughout. It will benefit you with Chair into deep knee bend, then balancing in Noose Pose, Warrior I/Virabhadrasana, Planks, Cobra, plenty of relaxation and a beautiful Joy visualization during Savasana.
Uploaded Sep 06, 2017: 49 min
Theme: All around strengthening and spinning heart chakra (Anahata)- use hand weights. Been away from Yoga for a while? Need a little extra boost to your fitness in Yoga Practice? We used light hand weights to give a bit more oomph to your Asanas. Core work, Warrior I, brain balancer, hamstring strengthener. A fun workout with a little different spin.
Uploaded Jan 20, 2018: 29 min
Sway like seaweed in the ocean, round and arch your cat, relax into delicious stretches, all safely on a chair. Great for those that are recovering from injury or surgery or have been away from movement for a while. Enjoy your Yoga moves!
Uploaded Jan 20, 2018: 48 min
Using the chair for centering and warmups, we continued with using the chair for a prop in standing poses and the mat for some psoas muscle work and Savasana. Keep practicing, you WILL experience benefits!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 59 min
Requests came in to address tight shoulders (trapezius) and to tone hips and hamstrings. Class includes poses for both as well as Eagle/Garudasana, trapezius release on the back and mudra for releasing stress during Savasana/Corpse Pose. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu; May all beings be free and happy, and may my thoughts and actions contribute to that freedom for all.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 1 hr, 6 min
Theme - Let the world go by! Warm ups. Shoulder stretches, swastika/twist - lift up onto knees/shins, back bend from there. Sphinx pose, core strengthening from Sphinx. Heart opening, noose pose (wring out stress) lunge to Warrior I, II, Peaceful Warrior, modified lateral angle. Head to knee, allow stress to drain out. Child's pose to bring balance between effort and rest. Psoas stretch (lunge), crescent, Tree, Triangle, forward fold, side plank with lift. Thigh stretch on back, psoas strengthening (10 reps), knee down twist.
Uploaded Dec 20, 2017: 1 hr, 11 min
Theme/Resolve: I claim my power, I express my power from within (as opposed to "power over"). This is the Full Moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse and a comet with a purple tail sailing it's closest point to the Earth. Interesting energies! Asanas include ab/core fitness, toning gluteus muscles, trapezius release and lunar stretches. Includes Chandra Namaskar/Salute to the Moon and balancing half moon. Visualization with Joy bubbling up into awareness. En-joy! Namaste, Michelle
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 52 min
Theme: awareness. Maslow quote regarding change through awareness of self. Vagus nerve stretch, warm ups, Inclined plane/forward bend counter pose. Puppy into Cobra type stretches then Child. Upward Facing Dog, Downward Facing Dog, Sun pose. Chair pose into deep knee bend into Noose pose. Warrior I, to Warrior III/balancing stick, then Warrior II with a diagonal stretch/arms pulled up in back. Butterfly, trapezius release, Savasana
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 1 hr, 1 min
Sometimes we want to use Yoga to tone areas of our body when we don't want to work aerobically. In this class, we do address Happy Hip Flexors, but we've added toning for the gluteus muscles, the abdominal/core muscles and releasing stress from the Trapezius muscles where tension gets trapped. A fun class with a meaningful Savasana, and enough love to go around for everyone! Download this one and enjoy your Sadhana (personal practice)! See you next time!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 58 min
Theme: February 1st, a new beginning, I release stress and embrace Joy! Beginner class with warm-ups, Simple twist, Chair Pose, lunges with hip openers and into Crescent, Downward Facing Dog, Warrior I & II then Warrior I into Warrior III/Balancing Stick. Seated stretch, head-to-knee with one leg bent, Savasana.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 42 min
Theme: Ultimate stress reduction, relaxation. Poses include stretch for vagus nerve, snake sway, side stretches, plank, sphinx, hover-knee to nose-hover-plank, downward facing dog, sun pose, Warrior I/crescent, Warrior II, Triangle/rotated triangle, twist.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 37 min
A New Moon Yoga class to open hips and to continue toning core muscles. Centering, Moon Breath technique, warmups, serpentine shoulders, mountain climbers. Poses include Downward Facing Dog, Bhujangasana/Cobra, ab work from Sphinx pose, Chandra Namaskar, simple twist. Short and sweet.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 38 min
Our theme today is bursting your seed of greatness and letting it grow and thrive. This class was held at 5:30 in the morning practiced slowly. Some poses include Happy Baby/Sleepy Baby, Plow, Half Bridge/Full Bridge, leg lifts/Yoga sit up, Malasana/Garland, Plank/Downward Facing Dog, Sun Pose, Warrior I, II and Trikonasana/Triangle. Butterfly, Savasana. Let that seed burst, grow and shine your Light for others, make a difference. Most of my classes are live for private or groups of people that know me, however, if you can benefit from these programs, then all the better!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 19 min
Theme: I claim my power, my power to choose and to act on my choices; I make good choices. Some days we find ourselves enmeshed in overwhelm with life's challenges and we need to take charge of our creation. This 20-minute session focuses attention on that issue. Poses include Downward Facing Dog, Baby Cobra, Sun Pose, Lion Pose, thigh stretch, gentle twist and of course Savasana. Om gam ganapatayei namaha, mantra to invoke Ganesh, Lord of Obstacles, who places obstacles in our way to cause growth and removes those obstacles when we are ready. Shine your Light, express your power from within today!
Uploaded Apr 12, 2017: 1 hr, 3 min
The longer version of our theme on claiming our power, power from within, power to choose, power to act on our good choices. Includes neck and shoulder work and plenty of addressing hips and hip flexors. I am woman, hear me roar! Includes Lion's Pose.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 49 min
Quote by Thomas Merton "The truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt." Emphasis on arching for grounding, opening hips. Release attachment, desire and fear, embrace non-resistance. Includes Bhujangasana, Downward Facing Dog reps into Kapotasana, Warrior I with Padma (Lotus) Mudra, core work, psoas stretch, Crocodile, Knee-down Twist. Mantra: Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 1 hr
Tlheme: Full Moon in Cancer, lunar class, allowing moonlight to absorb into body and turn it out to shine our light. Includes Frog Pose, Noose Pose, Side Plank, Chandra Namaskar (Salute to the Moon), Balancing Half Moon, lot of hip openers and more. Generate feeling of gratitude, intensify and let that raise your vibration.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 1 hr, 2 min
Tlheme: With all the flu and colds around, this class is designed to be slow and healing in recovering from illness. Also, it is given/recorded at the waxing Full Moon, so is more lunar (stretchy) than some classes. Lots of time to relax fully and release stress and allow healing to occur. Good health to everyone!
Uploaded Mar 01, 2018: 57 min
Theme: alleviating tight/painful neck and shoulders. Includes simple neck and shoulder exercises to loosen, in preparation for asanas involving those body parts. Yoga Mudra to increase circulation and further release tight ligaments and muscles. Easy going, taking time as though we have "all the time in the world."
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 1 hr, 4 min
An early morning class to reduce and release tension from responsibilities and to open hips. A slow series with plenty of breathing, balancing rest with effort and working with the heart and throat chakras and colors. Includes core work from Sphinx Pose, Pigeon with accompanying stretches, Warrior I with transition into Warrior III/Balancing Stick, deep twist in recline, Warrior II into Modified Lateral Angle, into Trikonasana/Triangle, psoas strengthener, ending with encouragement to deepen Savasana.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 59 min
Theme/Intention: Release tension. "Stirring the Pot", tapping the meridians, Sphinx into Cobra/Bhujangasana, Warrior I & II, Peaceful Warrior, Bridge, 4-Square, relaxing and energizing. Breathwork, Kapalabhati in Cobra, breath with count (longer exhale deepens relaxation)
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 58 min
Theme/Intention: I allow the healing power of Yoga to flow through my body/mind to increase my health and wellbeing. Beginner's Yoga including Inclined Plane/Paschimottanasana, Downward Facing Dog, Tiger/Sunbird, plank and plank on forearms, Chair pose, Warrior I with arm lift/lower, then Warrior I with Kali Mudra/Sword to cut through whatever hinders us from connection to Higher Self. Continued with psoas muscle stretches, knee-down twist, 4-Square and Savasana with guided relaxation.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 54 min
Theme/Intention: I release tension. Some of the poses include Yoga mudra, Tiger/Sunbird, Sun Pose, Downward Facing Dog, 3-Legged Dog, Warrior II into Trikonasana/Triangle, Chair/Deep knee bend, Forward fold, Psoas stretch, Viparita Karani, Savasana
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 1 hr, 5 min
Theme: More release of tension. New Moon class. Includes Janu Shirshana, side plank, leg lifts, Malasana, lunges for psoas, Down Dog, Chandra Namaskar (Salute to the Moon), Bhujangasana/Cobra and more.
Uploaded Feb 04, 2018: 1 hr, 10 min
Theme/Intention: I release tension and anything that blocks me from my highest good. More work with the psoas muscles, stretching and strengthening them. Traditional, slow practice to allow stress to slide out of the body/mind and embrace relaxation.