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by Richard Leirer, Master Qigong and Taiji Teacher
Richard is a Master Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor. Richard has over 44 years of Qigong and Tai Chi experience. Richard's classes are fun and exciting as well as easy to learn.
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Uploaded Jun 13, 2018: 58 min
This video demonstrates how to move the qi energy through the 8 extra ordinary acupuncture channels during taiji and qigong practice. Practice begins with qigong and moves through to a simplified 24 taiji set.
Uploaded Jan 29, 2018: 1 hr, 3 min
This is a live recording of our Qigong and 24 simplified Taiji class. First half of class is qigong movements for health and opening the qi flow in the body. Consists of Dao Yin exercises, Tendon Changing and Ba Qua Jin movements. Second half of class covers Taiji walking and a 24 simplified Taiji set, with instructions.
Uploaded Jan 19, 2017: 7 min
This video is from a live Pecha Kucha presentation and combined taiji movements with qigong movements. Towards the end of the video, there is a qi demonstration where Richard projects his qi energy into the audience.

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