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by William Kelley, Holistic Wellness Instructor
Welcome to our virtual studio--a complement to our physical studio in Rutland, Vermont. At the Pyramid, you will find effective, safe, fun, and motivational classes taught by experienced...
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Uploaded Apr 14, 2018: 1 hr, 12 min
This class is a gentle but powerful combination of postures, breathing, and relaxation that balances all of the chakras but focuses a bit on the solar plexus--the third chakra--of career and finances, intellectual stimulation, creativity, and fun. Easily modifiable for all levels! Enjoy!
Uploaded Apr 13, 2018: 1 hr
Here's a fun cardio kickboxing workout!!
Uploaded Apr 12, 2018: 1 hr, 1 min
This workout has it all--intervals, weights, step, jump rope, core...and of course, awesome music! :) Remember you can do this workout with or without the props, so don't worry if you don't have a step or jump rope where you are--just do the motions without the props. Either way, you will get a great workout! Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 26, 2018: 56 min
Here's something you won't find anywhere else! A mash-up of PiYo segments from the Signature Round, Round 52, 54, and 56! Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 26, 2018: 45 min
Join us for a simple but effective step and weights workout! Fairly simple choreography in three cardio segments and some strength challenges create a total body workout! Don't have a step or weights? Do the routine without the props! Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 19, 2018: 49 min
Here it is...cardio kickboxing. Just punches, kicks, and blocks (and a few jumping jacks!) No crunches. Just three rounds of fun! Suitable for all fitness levels. Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 19, 2018: 1 hr, 11 min
This class is 111 minutes long--filled with gentle yoga, some challenging postures, and body scan meditation at the end! Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 08, 2018: 1 hr, 3 min
Here is the latest round of PiYo, with some very slight modifications. Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 06, 2018: 1 hr, 13 min
It was cold in the studio (!) so we had to do something to stay warm! :) This class features a total body rejuvenation with slightly more advanced positions and flows than usual...but still suitable and easily modifiable for all levels! Enjoy! (And the class ends with some thoughts on the philosophical aspects of yoga and how we can focus our thoughts to eliminate "rules" that no longer work for us to have a freer, more creative life!)
Uploaded Mar 05, 2018: 1 hr, 6 min
Another combo--interval training, cardio kickboxing, weights, and core! A fun and challenging blend--participate in all of the segments, or pick and choose which ones meet your fitness goals! Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 02, 2018: 55 min
Time for something new! This workout features short segments: Piyo Warm-up Piyo Lower Body mashup Piyo Power segment from Round 56 Piyo Flow Fusion mashup Cardio Dance Gentle Relaxation Yoga Meditation Suitable for all levels! Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 26, 2018: 7 min
This video is the Chakra Balancing Meditation offered at the end of our Yoga Relaxation class (2-25-18) for those who do not want to do the full yoga practice or are limited on time. This takes about 7 minutes, and will guide you through a total body integration and chakra balance. Sit or lie down in a comfortable place. Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 26, 2018: 1 hr, 11 min
This edition of yoga relaxation features postures to strengthen all chakras, and a focus on integration. The first half of class is a full-body stretch, so if you are limited on time, you could just do the first half. For those who have time, you can invest in deepening your practice, increasing strength, and improving flexibility by doing the entire video. At the end, there is a chakra balancing meditation (which you may also watch separately on PowHow if you do not want to do the entire yoga class). Enjoy! Suitable for all levels but moderate in intensity.
Uploaded Feb 26, 2018: 1 hr, 1 min
You asked for it, so here is another (intense!!!) round of kickboxing and weights! This one features two interval sets, two kickboxing sets, a shoulder strength segment, bicep and tricep strength, and core. No props are necessary (unless you have access to weights where you are!) and this workout can be easily modified for all fitness levels. This workout does not include a lot of stretches at the end, so be sure to stretch on your own after or do one of our yoga/stretching videos. Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 19, 2018: 1 hr, 1 min
This is a fun variation on the usual Sunday morning Jump Start--featuring cardio kickboxing segments, jump rope, and strength exercises. Holy pushups, Batman! Easily modifiable for all fitness levels! Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 19, 2018: 1 hr, 9 min
More yoga fun! This is an entire body stretch featuring some new postures and a meditation involving visiting the ocean! Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 17, 2018: 1 hr, 7 min
Another very relaxing installment of yoga relaxation with a couple of more challenging flow movements added. Complete the whole thing, or just do pieces...and finish with a guided relaxation exercise on the changing of the seasons! Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 17, 2018: 57 min
This workout was inspired by the Super Bowl! Featuring interval training, participants can expect 30 second drills--most related to playing or watching football! Whether your team won or lost, this workout is sure to be a touchdown for your fitness! :) In this workout, we use two steps that have different levels of risers. If you do not have two steps and risers to use, you can do the same movements on flat ground without steps. (Some of the movements would be suitable to do on a staircase--but not all!). We also use jump ropes, of course--so you can do the workout with or without those. Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 07, 2018: 54 min
If you like step, you will enjoy this fun, moderately-challenging routine! (It's easy to modify if you are a beginner, or advanced stepper, or if you don't have a step at home--you can simply do the moves on the floor!). Then, finish off the workout with some strength work--shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, and upper back in our "lucky 100" series. Fun and challenging! Enjoy!
Uploaded Jan 22, 2018: 1 hr, 16 min
A gentle beginner to intermediate class featuring hip and First Chakra work...and a visualization at the end about emotions and horses! :) Enjoy!
Uploaded Jan 22, 2018: 1 hr
Intervals--jump rope--step--weights--kickboxing---core--stretching! This workout has little bits of it all! You can do the entire workout with or without the props. Enjoy!!!!
Uploaded Jan 08, 2018: 1 hr, 8 min
Another installment of gentle yoga/relaxation. This class includes a theme of using the color red for grounded-ness and strengthening the first chakra, as well as a relaxation and imagery to support energy flow. Suitable for all levels.
Uploaded Jan 08, 2018: 57 min
Forget your boring weight workouts...this one has it all--upper body, core, lower body, and done at a pace that will also challenge your cardiovascular system. With some gentle stretching at the end, this workout hits all of the health-related aspects of physical fitness...suitable for all levels by varying the amount of weight you use...great for beginners to do without weights or with light weights--and everyone else! We use steps in this video but you do not need them. Be sure to give yourself adequate recovery time in between workouts! Repeat. Enjoy!
Uploaded Dec 28, 2017: 57 min
It's another round of PiYo--#54 to be specific, with some modifications! Barefoot with a mat is the recommendation, but you can do it anyway that feels good and safe to you! Remember to modify anything and everything, and if you aren't sure about the choreography (as it definitely moves FAST in parts of this workout!), rewind the video and watch until it makes sense! Enjoy!
Uploaded Dec 27, 2017: 55 min
How about some cardio? Some weights? Some PiYo? Some core? Some stretching? This workout has a little bit of everything! Don't sacrifice your workouts for time restraints! If you don't have weights, you can either skip the weight segments or do the motions without weights. No problem! Enjoy!
Uploaded Dec 26, 2017: 1 hr, 14 min
Here is a gentle yoga/relaxation class featuring some longer held stretches, sun salutations, and a "connecting to the cycles of nature" meditation at the end. Enjoy!
Uploaded Dec 26, 2017: 56 min
Four sets of intervals focusing on cardio and strength, a bonus round of core, and a few minutes of stretching! In this video, we do use jump ropes and steps, but you can do the entire workout with or without the props! This has a few intense spots! Enjoy!
Uploaded Dec 27, 2017: 38 min
For those of you who love step, here is a brand new routine with William Kelley! If you have a step at home, great! If not, you can still do this low impact, high fun routine on the floor! Enjoy! Finish your workout by doing some stretching--especially for the back and quads. Or add on another Pyramid class to round it out! Enjoy!
Uploaded Nov 16, 2017: 1 hr, 1 min
An awesome cardio, strength, and flexibility workout suitable for all levels. This workout is intense, but you will see the results FAST!
Uploaded Nov 16, 2017: 1 hr, 12 min
Another installment of gentle yoga and meditation featuring the second chakra. Enjoy!
Uploaded Nov 08, 2017: 57 min
Time for something different! How about some step, dance, core, and stretching? The great thing is that you can do this workout even without a step...this workout features a bit more choreography than other workouts here...but can easily be modifiable for any fitness level! Enjoy!
Uploaded Oct 30, 2017: 52 min
This class is a combination of intervals, step, jump rope, weights, and core, put together in a fun and challenging routine! No props? No problem! Just do the motions on the floor without props! Either way, you will get a great workout! Enjoy!
Uploaded Oct 24, 2017: 59 min
Okay--let's bump it up a notch...or ten! This is a fun interval workout combining cardio and strength intervals, jump rope, and step. The great news is that you can do the entire workout without any props, you can take it at a lower pace, or bump it up and make it incredibly intense. The workout features a great ab segment and stretching at the end. Enjoy!
Uploaded Oct 30, 2017: 52 min
PiYo is a wonderfully challenging combination of yoga and Pilates, combining cardio, strength, and flexibility in an intense but low-impact experience! Participants have said that it is one of the most challenging workouts they have ever prepared to sweat!!! You'll also see amazing changes to your body after a short time doing this workout--including to your core! In this edition, certified PiYo instructor William Kelley mashes up moves from the "Signature Round" with "Round 50."
Uploaded Oct 10, 2017: 1 hr, 10 min
This is a gentle class focusing on the throat chakra and featuring the sun salutation variation to strengthen and stretch the core. We finish with a guided relaxation experience looking at our "amazing" qualities and an invitation to more gratitude in our lives. Suitable for all levels.
Uploaded Sep 19, 2017: 42 min
This is a shorter version of Yoga/Relaxation--about 45 minutes of mostly lower body (first and second chakra) stretching including some low lunges and sun salutations. This class is easily modifiable for participants of all levels--take it gently or challenge yourself more! Enjoy! Return to your life right after, or finish with your own end exercise.
Uploaded Sep 19, 2017: 1 hr, 1 min
Another installment of Yoga/Relaxation focusing on the Fourth Chakra! This class is relatively gentle and slow moving--suitable for everyone! Use this routine to balance and strengthen your Fourth Chakra--the relationship chakra! If you find that your relationships are out of balance, this might be the perfect routine for you! Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 26, 2018: 20 min
As part of the Pyramid's breast cancer fundraiser event, we offered this 20-minute guided journey for healing and wellness. Check in with your entire body, and then connect with and harness the healing power of the earth! Enjoy!
Uploaded Sep 19, 2017: 49 min
This class has a little bit of everything in 50 minutes! Cardio intervals, steps, upper body weights, lower body toning, core, and stretching. In the video we use some props, but of course, you can still do the class without them. Take it at your own level and have FUN!
Uploaded Sep 12, 2017: 1 hr
A wonderful set of intervals with steps, weights, and jumprope. You can do the workout with or without the props--and the intensity is all up to you! Listen to your body, drink lots of water, and have FUN!!!! Enjoy!
Uploaded Aug 11, 2017: 50 min
A gentle yoga class focusing on the first and second chakras. This class ends with standing balance, so participants may wish to go to corpse pose before returning back to daily life. Enjoy!
Uploaded Jul 24, 2017: 1 hr, 4 min
Another installment of Yoga/Relaxation...this set includes a total body stretch with some sun salutations and an exercise on gratitude. Suitable for all levels. Enjoy!
Uploaded Jul 10, 2017: 1 hr, 4 min
An interesting blend of lower body, core, and upper body postures for relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing...followed by some quiet reflection time and a short meditation with a theme of growth. Suitable for all levels but has a couple of challenging spots! Feel free to modify. Enjoy!
Uploaded Jul 10, 2017: 46 min
Join me for an exciting, fun, and challenging special edition of our Sunday morning fitness class! Round 1: Pyramid Extreme Fitness intervals Round 2: Cardio Kickboxing Round 3: Step Intervals Round 4: PiYo Flow Flusion segment Round 5: Core Strength Suggested props: step and yoga mat (But you can still do this workout without any props!) Enjoy!
Uploaded Jun 19, 2017: 55 min
Join me for a fun step aerobics routine with some weights mixed in at the end. If you have a step to use, AWESOME! But if not, you can still do the steps without the props. Enjoy!
Uploaded Aug 12, 2017: 1 hr
It's Jump Start without the Jump Rope--intervals, cardio kickboxing, PiYo Lower Body, and some upper body weights with core! Enjoy with or without the props (steps and weights)!
Uploaded Jun 05, 2017: 59 min
A gentle version of Yoga/Relaxation for those who need to relax and stretch! (Who DOESN'T need that?) Give yourself a break today and enjoy some quiet time to attend to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit! Enjoy!
Uploaded May 29, 2017: 1 hr, 8 min
Here is another gentle yoga/relaxation that is suitable for everyone--but especially people who are dealing with sciatica. Of course, this video should never be intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition and should not replace appropriate medical care, but some people with sciatica have said that this routine is helpful. Enjoy!
Uploaded May 27, 2017: 7 min
A short meditation to honor and connect with our Mother Earth--perfect for Mother's Day and any day when you want to feel more connected, relaxed, and rejuvenated!
Uploaded May 27, 2017: 50 min
This is a mash-up of the Signature round of Piyo and Round 51...Unfortunately the end of the video was cut off so you are missing the cool down here--so be sure to stretch the back, legs, and arms after. Enjoy!
Uploaded May 27, 2017: 1 hr, 1 min
Another installment of Jump Start interval fitness featuring a special guest instructor, Kelly Pratico, to teach a few minutes of PiYo! You can do this workout with or without the props--a step, a jump rope, and a mat---and take it at your own intensity level! Fun!
Uploaded May 26, 2017: 11 min
Here is a short ten-minute upper body workout with weights featuring deltoids, biceps, triceps, chest, and upper back. Do the movements with no or light weights for endurance, or add heavier weights to build strength and size. Do the video once or repeat as desired! Please make sure you are warmed up before doing this workout! Enjoy!
Uploaded May 26, 2017: 1 hr, 4 min
Another installment of Yoga/Relaxation--"intermediate" version. This class features a bit more flow and intensity than the usual Yoga/Relaxation class...but is still very doable and easy to modify. It features a focus on some standing postures, as well as some hip opening and leg positions. Enjoy!
Uploaded May 11, 2017: 1 hr, 6 min
The same Yoga/Relaxation as always with a bit more "flow" and a couple of intense segments--but you can make them as intense or gentle as you like--suitable for all levels! Enjoy!
Uploaded May 10, 2017: 49 min
Cardio kickboxing warm-up--intervals--yogaerobics--core...this workout has something for everyone! As intense as you want to make it! You can use a step and a jump rope or do the motions without the props. Either way, you are in for a fun, sweaty class! Enjoy!
Uploaded May 09, 2017: 11 min
A very short upper body strength workout. In the video, we use weights and a step--but you can modify and do the workout without props. Do this workout alone or in addition to another workout for a full body routine. Enjoy!
Uploaded May 09, 2017: 45 min
Uploaded May 02, 2017: 1 hr, 7 min
A basic cardio kickboxing with some squats and abs thrown in for good measure! Take it at the intensity level of your choice...suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced fitness students! Enjoy!
Uploaded Apr 06, 2017: 51 min
Another group meditation experience. Start with a check-in, follow the seasonal changes at your favorite outdoor place, listen to a short singing bowl segment, and then practice ten minutes of meditation on your own. Enjoy
Uploaded Apr 03, 2017: 1 hr, 8 min
You asked for it and here it is!!! A little more challenging yoga routine with the same yoga/relaxation flow! Enjoy!
Uploaded Apr 03, 2017: 12 min
Whether you are pressed for time or just want quality, this 12- minute routine focusing on your upper body will give you the results you are looking for! Do it with light weights to build endurance or it with heavier weights to build muscle size and definition. Use it often and mix it up...just be sure to give yourself a full day of rest in between! Enjoy!
Uploaded Apr 03, 2017: 54 min
Another installment of Sunday morning Jump Start--but at home you can take this class anytime and anywhere you want! Today's class features intervals and cardio kickboxing, as well as, of course, jump rope! Don't have props where you are? No problem! Just do the movements without props. Fun and intense...but most importantly, effective!
Uploaded Mar 14, 2017: 54 min
Join Laurie Cornelius (plus special guest William Kelley!) for a fun-filled step aerobics class! Old school 90's meets 2017 with fun and challenging combinations. No step at home? No problem! Do the movements on the floor! The most important thing is to have fun! (And not fall down!) Bonus short segment of abs and stretching! Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 03, 2017: 47 min
Another installment of meditation! In this class, we do an extended body check-in and relax, focus on the breath, and take a journey through a crystal tunnel to relax in the "cave of abundance." And of course, we finish with 12 minutes of self-guided meditation. Enjoy!
Uploaded Mar 02, 2017: 50 min
An awesome, fun, inspiring spin workout with Kelly Pratico. Suitable for all fitness levels. Guaranteed to feel your quads! And of course, the great music and instruction by Kelly. Give it a shot today!
Uploaded Feb 28, 2017: 50 min
Uploaded Mar 26, 2018: 48 min
Uploaded Feb 24, 2017: 57 min
A gentle installment of Yoga/Relaxation especially suitable for those who like to stay on the floor the entire class. Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 24, 2017: 56 min
A super fun installment of Jump Start--interval training featuring kickboxing movies, jump rope, weights, and step. If you do not have access to these fitness props, you can still do the workout without them. As intense as you want it to be! Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 10, 2017: 49 min
In this video, we take a journey of checking in with the self, and then a guided bike ride through the Vermont countryside. We finish with ten minutes of self-meditation. Suitable for all levels.
Uploaded Feb 10, 2017: 28 min
Here is a short (30 minute) weight workout. You could choose to use heavy weights and build strength and size...just doing as much as you can do...or you could choose lighter weights and work on endurance and toning. You could also choose to do this without weights, creating your own resistance by squeezing the body parts we are working on. Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 07, 2017: 1 hr, 1 min
Another very gentle yoga relaxation class completed on the floor. Suitable for all levels--anyone who wants to relax, stretch, and breathe!
Uploaded Feb 07, 2017: 56 min
This is a doozy! Cardio kickboxing...jump rope...extreme intervals...step aerobics...cardio dance...and core. Don't have a step or jump rope at home? No worries! Do the movements without the props. Need it more or less intense? You are in charge of how hard you work. The main thing is to have FUN!!!! Add on one of our short strength videos and be sure to stretch your legs, back, and arms for a complete total-body workout! (And don't worry--we only did 37 burpees in this video!) Enjoy!!!!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2017: 1 hr, 4 min
Part intense workout...part great music...part goofy trivia and questions...this workout will be sure to get your heart rate up! In the routine, we use a "combat stick"--you can use anything like a broom (or just move your hands as if you have a stick if you don't have access to one) to complete the workout. Don't worry--only 33 burpees! Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 04, 2017: 1 hr, 3 min
A very relaxing, gentle journey through the meditative aspects of yoga... Enjoy!
Uploaded Feb 02, 2017: 51 min
After an extended check-in of the muscles, joints, and breath, we take a journey around the the forest, the desert, the arctic, the ocean, the jungle, and more! Then, enjoy a few moments of quiet for your own mindfulness practice, or whatever you are called to do. Very relaxing!
Uploaded Jan 29, 2017: 51 min
A 45-minute guided journey with 13 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Perfect for everyone!
Uploaded Jan 28, 2017: 1 hr, 6 min
A gentle edition of yoga/relaxation with a focus on the meditative aspects of yoga. A practice suitable for all levels.
Uploaded Jan 28, 2017: 1 hr, 9 min
Here is the first Jump Start PLUS--the traditional Jump Start workout featuring cardio kickboxing and interval training, as well as a bonus segment of upper body weights at the end. Suitable for all levels. We do use a step, jump rope, and weights in this video, but you can easily modify if you don't have those props available. Enjoy!
Uploaded Dec 13, 2016: 24 min
During times of stress, exercise is one of the first things dropped from our routines.. This time of year, who has time for working out? A better question is, who DOESN'T have time for working out? Exercise during times of stress can be one of the best things we do...but the reality is that we have holiday gatherings, shopping, wrapping, cooking, etc. So this workout is designed to be very effective in just 20 minutes. Do it without weights for a gentle energizer...with light weights for endurance and toning, or with heavy weights for strength and definition gains. Just do it! Enjoy!
Uploaded Dec 13, 2016: 1 hr, 3 min
Holidays got you STRESSED OUT? No worries! Take a break and enjoy this very gentle yoga/relaxation practice whenever you like! You deserve it!
Uploaded Aug 08, 2016: 1 hr
After a short cardio kickboxing warm-up, this class goes right into interval training...2 rounds of 30-second drills, 2 rounds of 20-second on and 10-second rest drills, and one set of core work. This can be VERY intense, or you can choose to take it at a lower pace---whatever you are feeling! In the video we use jump ropes and steps, but you can do the whole thing with or without! Enjoy!
Uploaded Jul 24, 2016: 56 min
Here is a fun Jump Start class that includes: - an easy warm up - 2 sets of Pyramid Extreme Fitness intervals - cardio kickboxing on the step - yogaerobics - core work and stretch In the video, we use jump ropes, steps, and mats, but you can do the entire workout without any props if you do not have them. Work at your own pace--increase the intensity if you need to, or drop it down if you need it easier. It's all about YOU and having fun to achieve your fitness and wellness goals! Enjoy!
Uploaded Aug 03, 2016: 14 min
This is a short workout that builds strength and burns body fat! No fancy choreography here---just intervals of walking/jogging/running with push-ups, planks, and burpees! Add a set of squats if you have time, as well as stretching and you've got a complete workout on the go! This video was filmed in "beautiful" Vermont in can choose to do this video inside and enjoy the scenery as if you are outside, or you may actually choose to do this video outside yourself, using the audio instructions on the video to complete the workout in any setting. Make it as difficult or easy as you need!
Uploaded Jul 24, 2016: 1 hr, 13 min
This is a relaxing, full body yoga and relaxation journey that has a few challenges! It's suitable for participants of all levels, and ends with a relaxation about observing nature's cycles in your favorite outdoor place. Enjoy!
Uploaded Jul 25, 2016: 27 min
Join William Kelley for a half hour step class! It starts easy and builds in intensity but is very easy to modify for all fitness levels. Don't have access to a step? Don't worry! You can do all of the movements on a flat floor without one! The most important thing is to just give it a try! Have fun!
Uploaded Jul 23, 2016: 29 min
In this short strength workout, we use weights and steps as props, but you can do the whole workout with or without the steps, and you can even do most of the exercises without weights...or really challenge yourself with heavier weights! Enjoy!
Uploaded Jul 22, 2016: 47 min
In this group meditation experience, participants are led through a transformational caterpillar to butterfly exercise and have an extended check-in and 14 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Enjoy!
Uploaded Jul 22, 2016: 51 min
In this installment of group meditation, we do an extended chakra color relaxation exercise, opening up and expanding each chakra, followed by some mindfulness meditation. Enjoy!
Uploaded Jul 08, 2016: 47 min
Another wonderful installment of cardio kickboxing step with Kelly Pratico! Kelly uses props to enhance the workout--steps and sticks! If you have access to them, great! But if not, no worries--you can do this whole working on the floor and imagine that you have a stick in your hands. Great instruction...great music...great workout...great FUN! Enjoy!!!
Uploaded Jul 08, 2016: 48 min
Enjoy some quiet time with guided meditation, an exercise called "36 breaths" from the tradition of jin shin jitsu, and 14 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Great for all levels!
Uploaded Aug 03, 2016: 47 min
In this 45-minute guided journey, participants will experience a body scan meditation and practice some relaxation deepening exercises, 13 minutes of mindfulness meditation, and a guided visualization about planting a garden as a symbol for manifesting. The instructor also makes comments about not getting caught up in the common modern human view that "I should not meditate because I'm not good at it." Everyone can meditate--and trouble focusing does not mean that one cannot meditate! Everyone has days when it is tough to focus, but those are the days when we need meditation the most! Enjoy!
Uploaded Jun 14, 2016: 59 min
This is an intense edition of Cardio Kickboxing. We just didn't realize until later that the camera was near a fan. So--not the best audio, but still a fun time! Enjoy!
Uploaded May 20, 2016: 1 hr, 2 min
Here's a great cardio kickboxing interval workout---easy to take at your level, whether you want you to work REALLY hard or REALLY REALLY REALLY hard! And while you're kicking and punching, don't forget burpees---over 40 of them in the workout! Great music...great people...great workout...great fun! :) Enjoy!
Uploaded May 02, 2016: 1 hr
Watch the sun set through the windows in this VERY gentle and relaxing installment of Yoga Relaxation. Stay on the floor the entire hour in this class and focus on first chakra opening and balancing. Enjoy!
Uploaded Apr 27, 2016: 51 min
Despite some technical difficulties at the beginning of this class (related to the music!), this is a KILLER workout with awesome music and instruction! Grab your personal spin bike and get into the zone with Kelly!!!!
Uploaded Apr 26, 2016: 1 hr, 2 min
Can you say JUMPING JACKS? In this workout, we do a LOT of jumping jacks! The participants live in the studio were faced with the challenge of naming the artists of the songs used in class. When they got it correct, they picked how many jumping jacks we did. And there were a LOT of correct songs! :) Besides that, there are some kickboxing moves thrown in and a lot of goofiness in the studio! Enjoy! As always--at your own pace! :)
Uploaded Apr 26, 2016: 1 hr, 7 min
A very gentle yoga class featuring relaxing "angel music" and relaxations.
Uploaded Apr 03, 2016: 1 hr, 8 min
In this edition of Yoga/Relaxation, we use the metaphor of the garden to lead our relaxation moments and postures.
Uploaded Mar 16, 2016: 17 min
Just have a few minutes and want to get in an effective upper body strength workout? This video is just 17 minutes long and covers shoulders, biceps, triceps, pecs, upper and middle back, and abs, Start with lighter weights (or even no weights!) and then progress by increasing your resistance over time. The workout never becomes obsolete--you just adjust the amount of weight you are using to your fitness level! Enjoy!