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Group Tahitian Dance Class Basics~ All Levels - Class No. 10~ Tahitian Basic Movements and 32 Count Combos
Discounted rate of $5 ONLY!!! This video features all of your basic Tahitian Dance Motions - Otamu, Omi, Varu, Afata, Fa'a He'e, Fa'a Te'e, Amaha, Te'i as a warm-up then a Fa'arapu drill. Ahuroa first verse Mihi Au for extra warm-ups I then explain the difference between a beginners 32 count and intermediate/advance 32 count combo. I break down the motions with each combo mirroring what I do in my live classes. This will also be featured in The Art of Ori Pahu Combo Classes. This class will show you what you can do with all of your basic motions to take it to another level.