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by Paula Ribotto, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher
Join me for classes that will inspire, enrich and broaden your life. These classes will test your resilience, help relieve stress and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.
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Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 17 min
This Kundalini Yoga class works all the different systems of the body. It gets the heart rate up and will make you sweat. Doable for all levels. Work at your own pace and take rests when you need to. It finishes with a silent meditation for the Negative Mind.
Uploaded Sep 23, 2018: 51 min
This class is focused more on meditation then on the yoga kriya so the times for the kriya have been shortened to allow for a full 11 minutes of meditation. In Kundalini Yoga we view each person on 10 different layers. This kriya is to help you awaken to those 10 layers, move into balance of all those 10 layers so you can live in peace and harmony. The meditation is a completion and accompaniment to the kriya. It uses mantra, navel work and visualization to give you a deep centered expereince.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 17 min
The Soul Body is the 1st of your 10 bodies. When your soul body is in balance, you are intuitive, creative, steady and compassionate. This class works on bringing balance between the head and the heart so that you can recognize when you are caught in thinking or ego instead of moving forward from love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 15 min
The Negative Mind is the first of the 3 mental bodies and is often misunderstood. it is the part of your mind that discerns danger and assesses the risks involved in every thought, action or situation you find yourself in.This is your protective mind. it is the part of you that is longing to belong. In this class explore your negative mind and bring it into balance so that you can make clear, calm decisions, assist your creative thoughts into action and help connect the finite part of you with the infinite part of you.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 16 min
The 3rd Body or the Positive Mind is the 2nd part of the thought process. It is expansive in nature and only sees the opportunities in every situation. It is the part of you that is playful, social, optimistic and has a good sense of humour. It's communication is clear and direct. When this Body is weak you may get overwhelmed by the input of the Negative Mind and become depressed, angry, or irritated easily. Key to balancing this body is to strengthen the navel point. This class focuses on abdominal and navel strengthening and ends with the meditation to make the impossible possible.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 15 min
The Neutral Mind is known as the Meditative Mind. It's the part of you that can see the world through compassion. It takes the information from the Negative Mind and the information from the Positive Mind and gives calculated conscious guidance in a very short period of time. The Neutral mind always knows what to do so if you are finding that you can't make decisions or that you just "don't know" then it is possible that you need to work on the Neutral Mind. The best way to balance the Neutral Mind is to Meditate. This class works to open the heart and create a meditative experience.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 17 min
The 5th Body is the Physical Body itself. It is the temple or shell that allows all the other 9 bodies to play out their part in this physical world. This is your capacity to sacrifice or make sacred. When it is strong you communicate well, you have the ability to explain or teach anything effectively. You are curious, adaptable, and well balanced in your life. When it is weak you may be self absorbed, over indulgent, jealous, angry or greedy. The key to balancing this body is to exercise regularly. The kriya in this class is a great practice that stimulates and works all the systems in the body.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 14 min
The Arcline is your halo. It is the nucleus of your aura and is your projection and radiance. It gives you the ability to focus, concentrate and to meditate. When your arcline is strong you can use the intuition of your sixth center to protect yourself, so that you can deal with the stresses of life without shutting down your heart. When it is weak you may become overprotective or are easily influenced. This class guides you through a meditative kriya that stimulates the pituitary gland bringing more glandular balance as well as helping to increase your intuition. It ends with the protection mantra.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 18 min
The 7th Body is your Aura which is your electromagnetic field that surrounds your body like a protective egg. This container allows the energy to build and build until you feel confident and secure. It is this security that allows you to serve others with Mercy and elevate yourself and others. This is your protection. It can extend out to 9 feet around you and attract positivity towards you and repel negativity. This class will work the arms and has a lot of breath of fire. It ends in meditation and a deep relaxation.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 14 min
The pranic body is an electromagnetic field which carries the imprint of health and vitality.When you have a strong Pranic Body, you are vital, energetic and healthy. Due to the very strong relationship between the Pranic Body and the Physical Body, health is kept up and maintained by the flow of pranic energy. If pranic energy weakens, the body becomes vulnerable to disease. In todays class we will be doing lots of breath work including breath of fire, as well as strengthening the aura and physical body.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 12 min
Your Subtle Body helps you see beyond the immediate realities of life to the universal play that lies beyond. When your Subtle Body is strong, you have great finesse and a powerful calmness. Nothing in life is a mystery to you. You learn quickly and master situations easily. You’re able to walk into a room and intuitively know what’s going on. If your Ninth Body is weak, you may be naive and easily fooled, unintentionally crude or rough in your speech or behavior. You may be restless. This class has lots of neck movements so please modify as necessary. The class ends with a merging mantra meditation.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 18 min
The 10th body, known as the Radiant Body, gives spiritual royalty and radiance. Qualities: Royal courage, creativity, radiance, nobility Key phrase: “All or Nothing" Mastery: courageous and creative regardless of any obstacle or fear; radiates a royal excellence and exceeds all expectations. If weak: avoids conflict, shy; feels ineffective and unable overcome fear; energy levels fluctuate. Key to Balancing: unwavering commitment to values; keep the hair long as it governs and energizes the Radiant Body. This class consists of a warm up set for the 10th body and Self Adjustment of the Spine. All levels
Uploaded Sep 25, 2018: 28 min
This video includes both meditations for the summer challenge without any intro
Uploaded May 20, 2018: 1 hr, 3 min
This gentle hatha yoga class works to connect breath and movement together as it flows through a series of postures. Expect a more meditative experience as you move with your breath and engage in some holds.
Uploaded Apr 30, 2018: 50 min
To tap into the reserve flow of the Kundalini Energy in your body, this kriya activates the energy from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chakras and moves that energy up the spine opening the heart, stimulating the thyroid gland and opens circulation to the upper brain. This clears your thinking and adds energy to the will. The last two exercises in this kriya strengthens your electromagnetic field and stabilizes the new energy state you have created. Modify for yourself and do only what feels appropriate for your level of health and experience.
Uploaded Apr 25, 2018: 31 min
This Kriya is a dynamic flow of exercises that can lift your spirit and shift your mood in a short period of time. It is more aerobic in nature and can be done for as long as you are able to keep up. All levels
Uploaded Mar 21, 2018: 35 min
This short kriya will leave you feeling energized and focused. Enjoy
Uploaded Mar 21, 2018: 46 min
The nervous system consists of three parts: Central Nervous System (sensation & motor control), Peripheral Nervous System (connects nerves to organs and limbs) and Autonomic Nervous System (emergency response: Sympathetic- “gas pedal” & Parasympathetic- “break pedal”). Some of the benefits to having a strong nervous system are that you can manage stress and be less nervous in tense situations. This Kriya works the entire nervous system and is appropriate for all levels. Please modify by taking rests when you need it or by coming in and out of the posture.
Uploaded May 13, 2018: 20 min
Uploaded Apr 25, 2018: 1 hr, 19 min
This Kundalini Yoga kriya stimulates the kidneys, balances the lower three chakras, strengthens the navel point, opens the pelvic area, creates a flow of energy between the spine and first three chakras and creates a relationship between the navel center and the heart. As you perfect this kriya you will cultivate a sense of stability because this set promotes a stable base in the lower triangle (lower three chakras.)
Uploaded Feb 15, 2018: 1 hr, 15 min
This class gives the participant an opportunity to explore their relationship with the element of determination through out its entire length. Enter into this class with a commitment to do your best regardless of what that is going to look like. Move with awareness of thoughts and stories or old patterns that keep you from your goals. A challenging and energizing kriya.
Uploaded Dec 15, 2017: 1 hr, 1 min
Take some time to reset and restore you body and mind with this gentle, slow and mindful yoga practice. You will need a bolster and a block if you have them available. If not using cushions and pillows will also work. All levels
Uploaded Dec 15, 2017: 55 min
This is a relaxing set that helps to restore the body and calm the mind. All levels
Uploaded Dec 13, 2017: 1 hr, 22 min
This gentle Kundalini Yoga class calms the heart, opens the chakras and restores balance to the body and mind. A great class to do when you have a lot going on and you feel like you just need to tap into yourself and go inward. All Levels
Uploaded Dec 03, 2017: 40 min
The classes uses the powerful combination of Sat Kriya and yoga postures to open, clear, and charge the energy centres. (chakras) Suitable for all levels.
Uploaded Nov 24, 2017: 1 hr, 14 min
This class will guide you through a series of 7 postures that help to open and clear the chakras. Explore your relationship between the physical body and the subtle energy system that exists within you. Work at your own pace and modify postures as necessary.
Uploaded Oct 14, 2017: 1 hr, 15 min
This Chakra is at the base of the spine between the anus and the sex organs. This is where we ground ourselves to the earthly realm. It deals with our survival mechanisms , stability, and self confidence. It is associated with the colour red and the element is earth. This is your foundation. As you move through this class pay attention to your thoughts and feelings that might come up. Notice if you are able to stay focused and grounded or if you space out. This class is a strong practice so be sure to work at your own pace and make necessary modifications to suit your ability and needs.
Uploaded Oct 14, 2017: 1 hr, 13 min
The 2nd chakra helps to organize our feelings, thoughts and values. It is all about our desires and passion. It’s about duality and creativity. This chakra is associated with the colour orange and the element is water. This class is a strong practice so if you are a beginner make sure to work at your own pace and modify or rest as necessary.
Uploaded Feb 06, 2018: 1 hr, 16 min
The 3rd chakra is our power center, our ego, emotions, greed, anger. This is where we become inspired. The organs that are associated with the 3rd chakra are the liver, gallbladder, spleen, stomach, digestive system and pancreas. It is associated with the colour yellow and the element is fire. This class will offer an opportunity to connect with the navel, strengthen the core, and open up the flow of prosperity.
Uploaded Oct 14, 2017: 1 hr, 12 min
The 4th chakra is the heart centre and is all about love, compassion and service. This is the gate way to all the higher centres. All the energy from the lower centres must pass through this gate of compassion before reaching the elevated states of consciousness. Todays class uses lots of deep breathing to expand the heart and lungs and uses mantra to project into and connect with the infinite.
Uploaded Oct 14, 2017: 1 hr, 16 min
The 5th chakra is known as the centre of truth. It is your ability to express yourself, to communicate, and to listen. It is associated with the colourblue and the element is ether. Ether is a condition that isbeyond time and space. It is held by the premordial sound current that can be expressed through our voice. The kriya today will open up the throat. There is lots of neck movements to make any necessary modifications necessary to meet you where you are today. The meditation offers an opportunity to express and release your voice. Concentrate on the sacred vibration and hear your own voice.
Uploaded Oct 14, 2017: 1 hr, 19 min
This class uses the pituitary gland series as a warm up kriya and then moves into the second kriya which will be held for full times to stimulate the 6th chakra. It is a meditative kriya that leaves you feeling centered and relaxed. make sure to take a few minutes after doing this set to ground yourself.
Uploaded Oct 14, 2017: 1 hr, 15 min
The 7th chakra is known as the 1000 petal lotus. It is your connection to your higher self and the universe.
Uploaded Oct 14, 2017: 1 hr, 15 min
The Aura is your electromagnetic field. It is your radiance and your protection. It is the way you interact and connect with everything and everyone around you. It's a bright white radiant light that extends up to 9 feet in all direction like a protective egg. When it is strong you glow and life flows. This Kriya will help to strengthen your aura and build the electromagnetic field. It ends in breath work and a chanting meditation that will elevate your mood and heighten your awareness to your surroundings.
Uploaded Jul 15, 2017: 1 hr, 16 min
When you have a lot of "sun energy," you do not get cold; you are energetic, expressive, extroverted and enthusiastic. It is the energy of purification. It holds the weight down. It aids digestion. It makes the mind clear, analytic and action-oriented. The exercises work on developing and stimulating the 3rd chakra through abdominal work, it is advisable to work at your own pace and modify according to your individual needs.
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 20 min
This mantra meditation is so strong that it elevates the self beyond duality and establishes the flow of the spirit. This mantra will make the mind so powerful that it will remove all obstacles. Chant it for 11 minutes a day and feel the transformative sound current elevate your mood and shift you from the negative to the positive mind set. Challenge yourself and do this meditation for 90 days for a magical summer.
Uploaded Jun 05, 2017: 1 hr, 5 min
This classes uses asana (postures) to work on opening up the rib cage through the front, sides and back of the body. Enjoy deep breathing while building strength and balance. All levels.
Uploaded Aug 28, 2017: 21 min
This is a great way to refocus if you only have a few minutes.
Uploaded Feb 12, 2017: 37 min
Uploaded Feb 12, 2017: 51 min
This all levels Kriya works to strengthen the positive and neutral minds so that you don't get stuck in the negative thought process. It ends with the prosperity meditation.
Uploaded Feb 20, 2017: 51 min
This class is a great set of exercises that offers a good introduction to Kundalini Yoga. Perfect for beginners and advanced students alike. Do it when you only have a short period of time, or need a little pick me up.
Uploaded Dec 17, 2016: 1 hr, 19 min
Total Self Care!! Join in and destress your body and mind with this gentle and restorative Kundalini Yoga Class. Suitable for all levels. May want to have a bolster, blankets and/or extra pillows available for added support.
Uploaded Jan 30, 2017: 18 min
Kirtan Kriya is a traditional Kundalini Yoga meditation. it is known for its support for memory and for releasing subconscious garbage. It is a simple meditation that anyone can benefit from.
Uploaded Nov 06, 2016: 43 min
This Kriya is short and packs a powerful punch that will leave you feeling energized all day. Work at your own pace and take rests if necessary.
Uploaded Nov 02, 2016: 1 hr, 26 min
This class works on the level of the heart center, opens up the flow of gratitude so you can glimpse into the essence of yourself and embody the sense and feeling of gratitude on all layers on your existence. This is an all levels specialty class, work at your own pace and use the power of gratitude to transform pain and suffering into healing and forgiveness.
Uploaded Jun 28, 2017: 15 min
Stress is one of those things that we all have and if not kept in check can start to affect our health and well-being. This meditation works to develop the meditative mind so that you can better hand the inflow of responsibilities and stimulation that can leave us feeling drained.
Uploaded Aug 28, 2016: 8 min
This is a great meditation that incorporates sound (Mantra) along with intentional focus to help build the nervous system to better deal with the impact of stress and sudden shock.
Uploaded Nov 06, 2016: 1 hr, 15 min
This will energize and balance the lower triangle. It is very curative for any digestive or sexual ailments. It gives endurance and breaks fevers. It often produces a pleasant sweat and cleansing of the skin. The first few times the legs may shake or be slightly weak. As the muscles build, you will walk with increased grace and certainty. This can be taught for beginners, intermediate, or advanced. As taught, it is for intermediate students or students in good physical condition. To adapt it for beginners decrease the exercise times and increase the rests between exercises
Uploaded Jul 15, 2016: 1 hr, 21 min
Fear is one of the biggest things that hold us back from experience and living our full potential, our dreams. This kriya is suitable for all levels Kriya and addresses the parts of our physical body that hold fear as well as stimulates the meridian and energy lines in the body to overcome the fears in our life.
Uploaded Aug 17, 2016: 1 hr, 15 min
This class starts with a silent meditation using segmented breathing to optimize the absorption of oxygen in the body. The Kriya to remove body blocks helps to open up the flow of energy to shift your perspective and stimulate creativity. This is a more energetic class. Work at your own pace and take breaks when you need to.
Uploaded Jun 09, 2016: 15 min
This guided relaxation systematically relaxes each part of the body leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. Use it to accompany a yoga practice, a meditation or on its own to restore vitality and rejuvenate your mind.
Uploaded Sep 22, 2016: 23 min
The glands are the guardians of your physical health and your stability in infinite consciousness. Their secretions determine the chemistry of the blood and the blood in turn determines the composition of your personality. If for example, you lack proper iodine from the thyroid gland, you will lack patience and seldom succeed in staying calm and cool. If you are to gain mastery of unlimited consciousness in yourself you must master the physical consciousness to help you, not hinder you.
Uploaded Sep 22, 2016: 35 min
The whole body structure is responsible for one’s elevation, for one’s “being-ness.” A car has its gas, it has transmission, and it starts. If one part is missing, or if just a little air does not get to the gas, it dies. It is the same with the body. This set will keep you out of trouble. This is how you can elevate your spirit by adjusting your body.
Uploaded Sep 22, 2016: 21 min
The best time to practice this kriya is every night before bed, but it can be practiced any time of the day. It is said that if it is practiced regularly, sleep will be deep and relaxed, and the nerves will regenerate. After a few months, the rhythm of your breath as you sleep will be subconsciously regulated in the rhythm of the mantra. You will think better, work better, share better, love better, and fight better.
Uploaded Oct 06, 2016: 30 min
This quick class balances prana and apana by focusing on the Third Chakra at the Navel Point and then at the Heart Center. It is good for general strenght, for digestion, for abdominal toning, for allevating mild depression and for developing the healing flow of prana through the hands.
Uploaded Jun 08, 2016: 37 min
This short and easy kriya is a great way to release tension in your back, maintain flexibility and keep a well adjusted spine. All levels
Uploaded Aug 25, 2018: 1 hr, 28 min
This Kundalini Yoga set or kriya focuses on developing the strength of the navel point. Together, these exercises get the abdominal area in shape quickly. The length of time for each of the exercises done in this class are for advanced students. To begin practice, start with 3-5 minutes on the longer exercises or do what you can and rest when you need to.
Uploaded Nov 20, 2016: 1 hr, 28 min
From a yogic perspective the more flexible the spine you have the younger you are and the more flexible you stay in your mind as you age. This is a great kriya that gives the entire spine a good workout to keep it strong, healthy and flexible.
Uploaded Oct 12, 2016: 1 hr, 32 min
A warrior is someone who seeks to make a total investment in everything they do, for the sake of impeccability itself. A warrior lives with a sense of calm urgency, keenly aware that every breath is a gift and that the acceptance of any gift entails a responsibility. This class will develop your endurance, challenge your ego and strenghten your nervous and glandular systems so you can function at your optimum. This is a class for people who have practiced kundalini yoga before. If you are new to the practice or are a beginner work at your own pace and take breaks when you need it.
Uploaded Aug 22, 2016: 1 hr, 31 min
This class is for people who have had Kundalini yoga experience. There is a lot of breath of fire as well as back bends and core strengthening work. It works to balance the energy of the lower 3 chakras with the upper 3 chakras leaving you feeling energized and clear. Meditating after this kriya becomes effortless.
Uploaded Nov 27, 2016: 1 hr, 18 min
This class opens up the flow of creative energy and expands the heart center so that you can move towards new opportunities with the awareness towards your highest potential. This kriya, followed by the beaming and creating your future meditation, gives you an opportunity to create goals for yourself with elevated consciousness directed by the heart and projected through the mind.
Uploaded Jul 12, 2016: 1 hr, 58 min
A special Kundalini Yoga class to open the heart, release deep rooted emotions allowing you to heal, forgive and connect with the feeling of compassion. This class will help to step away from the ego mind for a moment to see and understand more clearly through compassion.
Uploaded Dec 29, 2017: 1 hr, 38 min
This dynamic kundalini yoga class teaches the 3 laws and the 3 attitudes of Prosperity. It opens up the flow of abundance and opportunity so that you attract exactly what you need in your life. If using for the 11 days of prosperity you can do it 11 days in a row or do just the meditation at the end as a separate complete prosperity kriya on its own. Set the tone and pace for a year of gratitude and Prosperity.
Uploaded Feb 21, 2018: 19 min
"Understand through compassion or misunderstand the times." When we can elevate our passions to compassion we remove the blocks of the ego mind and start to understand and relate to others and ourselves as one. This beautiful meditation will inspire you to explore who you are and understand the deeper meaning of what it means to live from the Heart. Join in on the 90 day meditation challenge at any time as this video will remain posted until June 26th. Receive emails for encouragement and insight into the sutra and don't forget to email me and share your experience.
Uploaded Oct 01, 2016: 28 min
This powerful meditation sets the flow of prosperity to you in a very short period of time. Commit everyday to doing it for the 15 minutes and watch your life shift and change around you.
Uploaded Mar 10, 2017: 1 hr, 21 min
This kriya stimulates the 6th chakra and pituitary gland known in yoga as the master gland. It works to open the hips and the flow of energy through the body. the long deep breathing in the majority of the postures makes this a perfect set to do before meditation. All Levels
Uploaded Jun 30, 2016: 1 hr, 16 min
This class has an active start to it meant to get your creative energy flowing. It has a wide variety of postures in it so you get an overall workout. Each pose is held for around 1 minute making it doable for all levels. Challenging, energizing, detoxing.
Uploaded Aug 14, 2017: 1 hr, 16 min
This Kundalini Yoga class is a nice start to your day for all levels from beginner to pros. This easy set of exercises is excellent as a tune-up. It systematically exercises the spine and aids in the circulation of prana (energy) to balance the chakras.
Uploaded Sep 25, 2016: 1 hr, 13 min
Keep-up spirit is the Radiant Body quality that allows us to come through anything, radiantly and cheerfully no matter what setbacks, obstacles or challenges we face. Practicing this set enhances our radiance so that we don’t give up when prosperity is right around the corner. It also enhances general flexibility and strengthens the aura and the sciatic (life) nerve. This is a very energizing set and good for beginners, too.
Uploaded Nov 24, 2017: 1 hr
This gentle Hatha Yoga Flow series is suitable for all levels. It will tone your muscles, open your chest, and release tension through the upper back and hips leaving you feeling centered and relaxed.
Uploaded Jan 01, 2018: 1 hr, 24 min
This class is done in a workshop style and is a good introduction to Kundalini Yoga. It is a gentle class that explains the class structure as well as the different breathing styles and mantras used throughout traditional Kundalini Yoga classes. This is highly recommend to start with if you are new to Kundalini Yoga
Uploaded Aug 14, 2017: 1 hr, 13 min
This is a great way to start learning about Kundalini Yoga. If you are new to this practice or it has been awhile since you have done Kundalini yoga, please take the time to do this video first. It is a good review so that you can learn the basics of Kundalini yoga and all the important things that will support you in doing the other videos.
Uploaded Oct 15, 2016: 1 hr, 4 min
To reach the subtle realm of either where we are by nature boundless, we must first set a firm foundation on earth. Practicing this Kriya works primarily on the pelvic region and is a means for setting that foundation. The meditation that follows launches you into the realm of Infinity.
Uploaded Aug 14, 2017: 1 hr, 17 min
This class is a wonderful way to give yourself some self care. use it to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Also included in this class is a powerful meditation that will give you the energy you need to keep up during busy times.
Uploaded Jan 01, 2018: 1 hr, 18 min
This kriya is a wonderful set that works all the systems of the body leaving you feeling centred, balanced, focused and ready for the day. The times are reduced to keep it at an all level class.
Uploaded Aug 14, 2017: 1 hr, 10 min
This gentle hatha yoga class flows gracefully from one posture to the next allowing for deep connection to the breath. Using a tie or yoga strap during some of the postures is helpful in giving support while in the pose. All levels will benefit from this class.
Uploaded Jun 05, 2018: 1 hr, 3 min
This gentle Hatha yoga class starts with lying down on your back and slowly eases into standing postures. The asanas (postures) work to open the upper back and chest area. All levels
Uploaded May 09, 2017: 1 hr, 15 min
The glandular system and the nervous system work closely together and maintain balance of all the system of the body. It is an important system in maintaining proper digestion, elimination, metabolism, menstruation and sleep and plays a role in our sense of vitality. This class works to stimulate the main glands in the body and strengthens the nervous system. It ends in a meditation that is helpful to do when you just don't know what else to do or things aren't working out. All levels. Work at your own pace.
Uploaded Oct 15, 2016: 1 hr, 12 min
One of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy body is a flexible spine. The yogis say that youth is determined by the flexibility of your spine. Low back pain and upper back stress are some of the most common health complaints of adults. The best way to avoid backaches is to take care of your spine on a daily basis. There are no quick fixes for back pain, but this exercise set is an effective maintenance program.
Uploaded May 10, 2017: 1 hr, 11 min
Age is measured by how flexible our spines are. A flexible spine also keeps us young. In this kriya all 26 vertebrae and all the chakras get a burst of energy making this the perfect warm up for a meditation. Benefits include greater mental clarity and alacrity with regular practice. This is a great class for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. If you are looking to try Kundalini Yoga this one is a great start.
Uploaded Oct 15, 2016: 1 hr, 14 min
This kriya is named after the energy of the sun. When you have a lot of "sun energy," you do not get cold; you are energetic, expressive, extroverted and enthusiastic. It is the energy of purification. It holds the weight down. It aids digestion. It makes the mind clear, analytic and action-oriented. The exercises systematically stimulate the positive pranic force and the Kundalini energy itself. This should occasionally be in your regular sadhana practice to build the strength of your body and your ability to focus on many tasks.
Uploaded May 10, 2017: 1 hr, 2 min
Total Self Care!! Join in and let go of stress. Relax your body and mind with this gentle Yoga Class geared for all levels. Please have a bolster, blankets, blocks and/or extra pillows available for added support.
Uploaded May 10, 2017: 1 hr, 4 min
This class works to open the hips and chest through a series of postures that are held for at least 5 breaths. It ends in a relaxation that integrates the benefits of your practice.
Uploaded Sep 25, 2016: 15 min
This short class is a great way to refocus and re-energize yourself. Use it as a quick morning practice or to pick you up in the middle of the day. All levels, work at your own pace and modify when necessary.
Uploaded Apr 02, 2017: 1 hr, 3 min
This is a nice gentle yoga practice that will keep you feeling relaxed and cool even on the hot summer days. Enjoy.
Uploaded Jun 08, 2016: 1 hr, 6 min
This class works to restore a balance in the body with deep breathing, stretching and a guided relaxation. All levels
Uploaded May 23, 2016: 1 hr, 2 min
This class puts focus on building balance and strength within the body and mind. As you work through the postures pay attention to the depth of the inhale and the completion of the exhale...strive for a balance in length of both. All levels. Yoga blocks are used in this class.
Uploaded Apr 05, 2017: 1 hr
This class starts out with a more active practice to warm up the body then moves into a slower and more inward practice where you are holding the postures for a longer period of time. It would be helpful to have some pillows, blankets or blocks available to support you in the postures so that you can fully relax.
Uploaded Dec 22, 2016: 1 hr, 5 min
This hatha Yoga class gives you an overall stretch throughout your body. Suitable for all levels expect to do some gentle back bends and spinal twists as well as balancing postures and a bit of core work.
Uploaded Nov 19, 2016: 1 hr, 4 min
This is a good overall stretch for the body and mind. Work at your own pace and make sure to honour your body and what is capable of doing today.
Uploaded Jan 29, 2017: 1 hr, 10 min
The Hatha Yoga practice works to open the hips, relieve tension through the spine and allow for deep relaxation. This is suitable for all levels.
Uploaded May 25, 2016: 1 hr, 4 min
This gentle hatha yoga practice connects movement and breath through the movement and flow of Salute to the Moon. Find balance between your inhale and exhale and you challenge your focus through holding balancing postures and experience a deep sense of relaxation by connecting to all layers of your self.
Uploaded May 25, 2016: 1 hr, 2 min
This class opens up the hips and moves the spine. It will help to increase strength and flexibility through the back releasing tension and stress. This class ends with a guided visualization for relaxation.
Uploaded Jan 12, 2017: 1 hr, 3 min
This class is great for beginners or people that have been away from yoga for awhile. Ease back into your practice and reconnect with yourself.
Uploaded Jan 02, 2017: 1 hr, 1 min
This class uses flowing postures (Hallow Reed) to warm up the body before moving into holding postures for up to 5 breaths. Some harder poses for balance and flexibility are included in this class. It is good for beginners and intermediate students alike. Please make sure to modify for yourself where necessary.
Uploaded Jun 30, 2016: 1 hr, 3 min
This class starts with Sun Salutations as a warm up and moves into a series of yoga postures that will challenge your balance, build flexibility in your spine, and and strengthen your core. This is suitable for beginners to intermediate students. The class ends with some breath work and a deep relaxation.
Uploaded Oct 13, 2015: 59 min
This Hatha yoga class is suitable for all levels. It incorporates some flow yoga as well as holding postures for up to 5 breaths. Enjoy the breath work at the end of the class to leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted.
Uploaded Aug 11, 2015: 1 min
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