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by Makeda Voletta, Fitness Professional
I am dedicated student of the body & all of the methods involved with bringing the body to it's highest level. I am a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Nutritionist, & Sacred Sexual Educator.
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Uploaded Jan 13, 2015: 46 min
In this class we start out with a warm up while laying on our stomach and then we pick up where we left off with the Vaginal Weightlifting and we also learn to combine internal yoni contractions with external abdominal contractions and hip circles.
Uploaded Oct 13, 2014: 25 min
In this class I continue discussing the importance of dancing....specifically Afro Caribbean Dancing for men. I teach various lower abdominal and glute contractions in order for men to get strength and control over their genitalia. If you are able to make a video of yourself doing hip contractions pleas record it and send it to me and I will take a look at it.
Uploaded Oct 13, 2014: 3 min
This is a short video where I had issues recording so I basically had to pick it up in class 3BB. So just do your best getting what you can from this delayed video. Believe it or not I have had many challenges trying to record these classes so please bare with me.
Uploaded Oct 13, 2014: 29 min
In this video we go deeper into exploring various breathing techniques and exercises for the male genitalia. Phallus Massage is also discussed.
Uploaded Oct 13, 2014: 12 min
In this video I speak about proper nutrition for optimal testosterone production and increasing lean body mass. Make Se you watch the Videos in this order: 1AA 1AB 1BB
Uploaded Oct 13, 2014: 22 min
In this video you learn to do soaks and stretches.
Uploaded Oct 13, 2014: 37 min
In this video I speak about the importance of lucid dreaming, seeds of intention. I also discuss good stones for men and reclaiming sexual energy and fortifying the kidneys.
Uploaded Oct 13, 2014: 17 min
In this video I discuss the importance of overall Strength Training, Dancing and I give instructions for measuring your phallus and the fine balance of ejaculation control.
Uploaded Aug 27, 2014: 33 min
In this class we begin to learn techniques for Vaginal Weightlifting.
Uploaded Jun 06, 2014: 47 min
In this class we work on cultivating the energy in our Ovaries and learning Ovarian Breathing.
Uploaded Jul 30, 2014: 51 min
In this class we work on a series of breast massage techniques along with learning to contract the different parts of our vagina canal separately.
Uploaded Jul 30, 2014: 39 min
In this class we work on contracting various sides of our vaginal and anal canals as well as preparation exercises for vaginal weightlifting and a review of breast massage techniques. The video cut off before it was supposed to due to a technical problem so it will be continues in Class #4.
Uploaded Feb 15, 2014: 47 min
In this class I speak more about caring for our breasts and we learn a couple of new breast massage techniques for restoring and tightening our breasts. We also learn how to do tug of war egg exercises with one and two eggs and dive deeper in to being able to sense and pulsate two eggs together and seperately.
Uploaded Jan 15, 2014: 44 min
In this class I give exercises for inserting two eggs and working with and sensing two yoni eggs inside of you. We also work on some more breast massage techniques and connect it with the yoni egg exercises.
Uploaded Dec 25, 2013: 52 min
In this class I speak about different energy fields and sensitive spots in the vagina. I briefly discuss some pre fertility herbs and herbs used for natural birth control along with the healing properties of yoni steams and we finish off with learning how to perform the tug of war exercise with a drilled Egg.
Uploaded Dec 22, 2013: 21 min
This is the second part of Class 8. Please make sure to view class #8A first. In this class I continue with the conversation about nutrition for the womb. There are more points that I can add that keep coming to me. But I give the basics in these two videos that make up Class #8. I also discuss ways to expand your orgasmic potential and the importance of dance training. All of Class #8 is a lecture.
Uploaded Dec 22, 2013: 20 min
Due to a technical issue while recording this class was broken in to two different videos. This is Class #8A and after this you can view Class# 8B. However, in this class, I discuss the importance of Yoni Massage, Abdominal Massage, Glute Massage, Proper progressions for egg exercises as you gain strength, Nutrition for fertility and a healthy womb.
Uploaded Dec 16, 2013: 33 min
This is the second part of Class #2. In this portion of the class I focus on the various kinds of fats and their effect on our body systems. I also discussed the antioxidant role of cholesterol.
Uploaded Dec 12, 2013: 52 min
This class was a check in with class participants to see where they are with their training, eating and plans for birth in the future.
Uploaded Jul 30, 2014: 26 min
In this class we discuss Macronutrients - Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats. This class is broken in to two parts. So please be sure to check out Class #2a and Class #2b.
Uploaded Jul 02, 2014: 46 min
In this class we work on Breast Massage, Ovarian Massage and Ovarian Breathing.
Uploaded Jul 31, 2014: 53 min
In this class we pick up where we left off in Class #5 except we work on Ovarian Massage and Breast Massage.
Uploaded May 03, 2015: 53 min
In this class I speak briefly about the connection between our breasts and ovaries and how they effect our hormones. I also speak about the various meridians (veins of energy fields) and how they effect our emotions and health. And we learn breathing exercises and visualizations for transforming negative emotions in to positive. Before beginning this class please be sure to go back and complete the first four classes. Much Love.
Uploaded May 03, 2015: 55 min
Please be sure to go back and complete all previous classes before participating in this one. Much Love!
Uploaded Nov 24, 2014: 1 hr, 2 min
This is the first video of the Six Foundational Videos in this series. It is vital to watch the first six videos/classes before proceeding forward with future classes. In Class #1 I speak about what metabolism is and what effects it and what calories are and there importance or non importance. I also discuss aerobic vs. anaerobic and catabolic vs. anabolic activity. Why strength training is important and the different forms of cardio. Body Fat composition is also discussed.
Uploaded May 21, 2015: 16 min
This is the continuation from class #2a
Uploaded May 21, 2015: 30 min
This class cut off half way through due to an internet/computer problem so I will record a 2nd video for class two to complete the remaining 20mins or so.
Uploaded Oct 26, 2013: 1 hr, 1 min
This class is part of a series of classes called "Amazon Fertility Training". To find out what this class is about please review the link below: This particular class is focused on learning the basics of strength training and why it is important. I have given the participants assignments and once they are completed I will record Class #3B to build on what was covered in the first part.
Uploaded Oct 18, 2013: 1 hr, 25 min
Uploaded Oct 24, 2013: 1 hr, 27 min
Week #1 – Releasing the Pain from Our Hearts and Wombs. Sharing Birth Stories, Hopes, Desires and Fears.