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Om Kolthoum & Tarab for Oriental Dancers by Joana Saahirah - Class No. 3
The richness of Om Kolthoum´s music starts to get clear in this class as we move forward with "Alf Leyla we Leyla", one of the most iconic, & danced, themes of the singer. Here´s what you´ll find in this class: 1. Full Warm Up with Modern Egyptian music. 2. Connection between Om Kolthoum´s Islamic education & her Art - how, and why, she´s so appealing to people until today. 3. Differences between composition, orchestration & interpretation. 4. New technique added to our "Alf Leyla we Leyla" combo 5. Tips on how to develop musicality, interpretation & soul in your dance. Digging deeper into The Magic*