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Om Kolthoum & Tarab for Oriental Dancers by Joana Saahirah - Class No. 1
Here´s what you´ll find in this spicy class: 1. Introduction to Om Kolthoum, a bit of her life, music & character. 2. Cultural context - political & cultural context in Egypt during Om Kolthoum´s time and how it affected her & her music. 3. Introduction to Tarab, Nashwah & other concepts I´ve learnt from my musicians in Cairo, Egypt. 4. The 3 gates of Egyptian Dance by Joana Saahirah. 5. Exercise to get the Tarab juices flowing. 6. Sequence, with a gorgeous romantic song, to start awakening the Tarab in you. Listening, surrendering, opening up to a new way of moving. And living.