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How to choreograph your Baladi Awadi (Baladi Progression) - Class No. 7
Here we are for the last class of "How to choreograph your Baladi Awadi" and what a wrap! Here´s what you´ll find in this video: 1. Warm-up 2. Revision of choreography started in our two previous classes. 3. New, & last, part of our Baladi Awadi choreography. 4. Notes on how to choreograph, or improvise, the 3rd, & and last, part/block of an Awadi. 5. Full Baladi Awadi choreography from the back & the front angle. 6. Last considerations on Baladi Awadi and how to choreograph it. 7. Invitation for PERSONAL EXPLORATION - discover your own language within the language of Raks il Baladi.