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How to choreograph your Baladi Awadi (Baladi Progression) - Class No. 3
Little by little, we go deep into the STRUCTURE of a pure, traditional, Baladi Awadi (progression); we give you the rules so you can play with them and, eventually, break them. Here´s what you´ll find in this class recording: 1. Transition from the 1st part of the Baladi Awadi to the 2nd. 2. Part 2 of a Baladi Awadi Structure 2.2. Diagram, explanation and full combination exploring the 2nd part of a typical Baladi Awadi. 3. Introduction to Part 3 of the Awadi - new vocabulary. From the Accordion Taksim to the Story; from the Story to the Apoteosis/peak/finale. 4. Tips on Baladi. 5. Cool down.