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by Jennifer Howe, Fitness Professional
My studio is all about PILATES. You'll find athletic, stretch, osteo and pregnant friendly, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You can pick the amount of time and your level and get started.
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Uploaded Apr 10, 2015: 10 min
Short of time, but need a jolt of energy? Take this quick 11 minute class, challenge your entire body, focus in on balance and your core.
Uploaded Apr 10, 2015: 16 min
This is a slow moving wake up stretch routine that will take you 15 minutes. The focus is on opening the neck, shoulders, and hips. Do this before your coffee, your body will thank you!
Uploaded Apr 10, 2015: 15 min
Open your hips, and up your heart rate. This 15 minute routine packs a quick punch in getting your day started on the right foot!
Uploaded Jul 20, 2015: 54 min
This Stott Pilates class is an intermediate challenging workout. The focus is on proper thoracic alignment and overall core strength. Check it out!
Uploaded Mar 26, 2015: 55 min
This is another solid total body workout! Follow me for 50 minutes to tone, stretch, and strengthen!
Uploaded Feb 26, 2015: 50 min
This is a muscle warming, descriptive, starter class. If you've never done pilates, or just want to take it slow, this is the class for you!
Uploaded Feb 26, 2015: 1 hr
Fun workout with a focus on loosening shoulders with a slow stretch at the end.