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by Hosseny, Master of Egyptian Dance
El Hosseny Dance - Finland & Egypt & The World! We teach Oriental dance (Egyptian style) in all it's forms. With us you learn also about Arab music, rhythms and the cultural background of the...
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3 instructional videos: Topkapi, Accordion, Nubian Party

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Uploaded Feb 28, 2018: 29 min
This video and e-book illustrate the arm positions according to El Hosseny Dance method (EHD method) for teaching and training Egyptian dance, including folklore and raqs sharqi. The arm positions are classified by numbers, from 1 to 6. The system is borrowed from the ballet, and the classification is adapted to suite the styles of Egyptian dance. This classification is intended to be a helpful tool in teaching and training. Its purpose is not to restrict of limit your creativity. The e-book will be sent to you upon your purchase
Uploaded Nov 16, 2016: 2 min
Uploaded Jan 03, 2018: 46 min
Does the heart-touching sound of the accordion make you want to laugh and cry at the same time? In this video you learn an accordion baladi choreography to a beautiful piece of music that combines two of the most traditional Egyptian baladi melodies, Amint billah and Hasan ya kholi. We will go through the movements, steps and combinations, you will have a great chance to practice your technique. The aim of this video is also to give you tools and hints to build up your musicality, because the most important thing is the interpretation of this beautiful Egyptian music. From intermediate to advanced
Uploaded Nov 07, 2016: 34 min
This video is designed for all levels after the beginners' course. Hosseny gives suggestions for dancing to four short fragments of accordion music.
Uploaded Oct 19, 2018: 49 min
Full choreography of modern Nubian party style, result of Hosseny's field work on Egyptian folklore. Suitable for all levels, and also for male dancers and children. Fun to dance and to see, ask our students and show audience! The choreo is taught in parts, step by step, combination by combination.
Uploaded Nov 14, 2016: 43 min
Full choreography for intermediate and advanced dancers. Add this exciting and earthy choreo to your repertoire. Traditional and at the same time Hosseny style. 40 minutes of intensive training that will strengthen your technique and your Egyptian dance expression.
Uploaded Sep 22, 2018: 37 min
In this exciting video Hosseny shows basic steps of the simsimiyya dance, as well as spoon technique and producing rhythms with hands and feet. Three of his choreographies are also included, as well as fragments of a damma gathering, filmed in Suez in December 2006. “How to dance simsimiyya” is the first instructional video ever made on simsimiyya dance, and the author wishes you many interesting and entertaining moments with its company.
Uploaded May 06, 2018: 1 hr, 2 min
One hour of training with Hosseny and El Hosseny Dancers! Modern Shaabi is an Egyptian urban dance style that combines elements from the traditional baladi and global street dances. In this one hour video you will learn a full choreography to Hakim's song Halawit Roh. The dance is taught in segments, full of useful Oriental dance technique and designed to provide you a perfect Egyptian workout.
Uploaded Nov 07, 2016: 31 min
Oriental routine for advanced students.The dance is taught in segments, full of useful Oriental dance technique.