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by bev johnson, yoga therapist
You don’t need a gumby body to do yoga, just a willingness to listen to your body in your edges, honor what you hear, and be willing to explore that with acceptance and open curiosity.
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Uploaded Apr 27, 2014: 1 hr, 12 min
This practice will leave you with very supple hips and pelvis. While we venture into some advanced postures, we do so with lots of props and modifications, so don't be afraid to try it. As always, go only as deeply as your own unique capabilities, release and rest as your body asks you to. Child pose is a great place to take a break between intense hip stretches. You will need two blocks, a strap and at least one bolster, add rolled blankets and even a firm cushion for support under the advanced postures as needed. Enjoy! namaste, ~ bev
Uploaded Apr 14, 2014: 1 hr, 5 min
This is a deep, meditative restorative practice that somewhat emphasizes stretching the pelvis - low back, hips, hamstrings (origin at pelvis), piriformis,... You will need a bolster, blocks, blanket, and wall. I use a lot of language around flowing water, so be sure to empty your bladder before practicing! ;) Enjoy!
Uploaded Apr 30, 2014: 1 hr, 2 min
This video follows on the heels of last week's anatomical focus on the back. This one will both open and stretch what we strengthened last time and also strengthen front core, thereby balancing the work we did last week. As always, practice to your own unique edges and no further in order to practice safely. Props needed: bolster and blocks Enjoy! And let me know if you have questions or feedback or me. Thanks for practicing with me! ~ bev
Uploaded Oct 17, 2014: 1 hr, 8 min
This practice begins with an illustrated description of the importance of maintaining the neutral curves of the spine, especially in forward and backward bends, and especially the lumbar spine in forward and backward bends. We then proceed through a series that illustrates the concepts, both stretching and strengthening shoulders, back and hips. Props: bolster, blanket, blocks As always, respect the unique edges that your body presents to you, modify as needed, and in that way practice safely. Enjoy! ~ bev
Uploaded Dec 11, 2013: 39 min
This class belongs to a series called Anatomical Focus Series. Each class focuses on an area of the body - shoulders, hips, spine, feet&legs, etc. - providing insight into its anatomy, then practicing in a way that illustrates key (to yoga anyway) concepts. The concept in this shoulders class is that of grounding shoulder blades into the back thereby engaging the strong back muscles to stabilize and strengthen the work of the shoulder joint. I highly recommend my new students take all of the classes in this series as foundational background to my teaching concepts. Enjoy! Namaste, ~ bev
Uploaded May 11, 2014: 52 min
This class is a deep meditative exploration of sensation in propped stretches at the wall. Mmmmmm. No prior experience needed. Just relax, let go, be present and notice sensation. You will need a bolster, blanket, blocks, strap and wall space. Enjoy! Namaste, ~ bev
Uploaded Dec 10, 2013: 51 min
This class focuses on the cleansing and detoxifying benefits of twisting postures. This is probably a beginner/intermediate class. As always, practice within your own unique limitations, honoring them to ensure you practice safely. Enjoy! Namaste, ~ bev
Uploaded Dec 10, 2013: 44 min
If you have difficulties sitting on the floor or just feel a little stiff in the hips today, this practice will give you a well-rounded workout while avoiding the floor. Enjoy! Namaste, ~ bev
Uploaded May 11, 2014: 1 hr, 6 min
Long slow deep hip opening practice. Be sure to have your props handy - bolster, blocks, strap. Stay connected with your experience in each stretch, exploring the sensation of edge in your body wherever you find it, letting it be totally unique to you in the moment. Respect your edges when and where you find them and honor your body by using props to support you in those edges so you don't exceed them. Practice consciously and safely. Namaste, ~ bev
Uploaded Dec 27, 2013: 1 hr, 1 min
As the temperatures dive here in Colorado I was inspired to teach a warming flow class. This class is probably an intermediate class, but don't hesitate to try it to see for yourself whether it works for your body and experience level. Just be sure to practice within your own unique limitations in order to practice safely. Enjoy! Namaste, ~ bev
Uploaded Dec 10, 2013: 1 hr
I can hear my students groaning now! But this isn't quite as much of a burn as I initially intended. Holidays have a tendency to throw our routines and practices out of balance - eating too much or too much of the foods we generally avoid, sitting a lot as we visit with friends and family we haven't seen for a while, stressing over cooking and entertaining if our turn to do so, etc. So this practice will re-stretch our bodies, re-calm our minds, and refocus our intentions back on our Selves, and yes, burn a few calories along the way. I would call this a beg/intermed level. Enjoy! Namaste ~ bev
Uploaded Dec 10, 2013: 59 min
Yoga is all about balance in so many ways. We do a lot of stretching of our bodies' major joints and in this class we balance that out with some strengtheners, specifically of our shoulders and hips. Some of the postures may be challenging. As always, practice to your own abilities and no more. Always be aware of your own unique edges in a posture and honor what your body speaks to you about your limitations. In this way we practice safely. Of course the more you practice these postures, the easier they become. ;) Enjoy! Namaste, ~ bev
Uploaded Dec 31, 2013: 58 min
In preparation for the holiday season, this restorative practice offers deep stretching and guided meditation to help reset and re-center you to withstand the stresses that often accompany this time of the year. Props are helpful, including a bolster, blanket, blocks and a strap. Level is pretty flexible as I speak to modifications, but probably a beginner-intermediate.