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Workshop: Invitation to Move

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Uploaded Aug 26, 2018: 1 hr, 6 min
Join Tania Huddart from Hearts and Bones and Always Pilates. Tania will show you a variety of ways to warm the body up to get the most out of the Pilates repertoire. There are a variety of myofascial release and sensory stimulation exercises that set your and your client's body up for success.
Uploaded Apr 09, 2018: 35 min
Combat loss of flexibility and strength throughout your body by including some of these movements into your everyday life. Learn why sitting on the floor and getting up from the floor is important for longevity and to reclaim our child like spiraling movement patterns. Safety while working towards achieving this goal is vital and Tana gives you many guidelines to help you on your journey. Tania covers Japanese style sitting, cross legged sitting and squatting as well as some information to help refine your leg alignment.
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 4 min
Bruce is a highly qualified and experienced Australian Pilates instructor. He has a Bachelor of Science in Human Movement and is a Body Control Pilates (UK) certified Pilates teacher and a certified Franklin Method® Movement Educator. Bruce is the co-director of Balance & Control Pilates Studio in Melbourne.
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 1 min
Tania is a very experienced PMA-certified Pilates and Master Pilates Instructor. She is the managing director of, and lead instructor at, Hearts and Bones Pilates Centre® in Wellington, New Zealand.
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 4 min
Sally is a highly skilled PMA® certified Pilates instructor. She is the founder and director of Pilates International Studios and Pilates International Training Centre (PilatesITC), in Australia. She is also the founding president of the Pilates Alliance Australasia. She co-founded the annual industry educational conference ‘Mind Your Body’, which has hosted some of the leading international experts in Pilates and associated disciplines.
Uploaded Nov 20, 2013: 2 min
You will need a thick foam mat or some folded blankets to cushion your spine. Place your mat in such a way that you can see and hear the class by turning your head gently to the side. If you are using a laptop, place it on top of a small box or two to three thick books. Position your laptop towards your feet and slightly away from the mat. If you are using a desktop computer or TV, place the mat far enough from the screen. Angle your mat with your feet pointing more towards the screen than your head.
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 11 min
Helpful tools to test your Pilates level and assess your progress from doing our classes. 3 exercises test your: abdominal strength to see if you are ready to do the Classic Pilates exercises, pelvic and spinal stability, and balance control. The tests are also great exercises for strengthening your lower abdominals, and improving your body’s overall alignment, strength, and balance.
Uploaded Oct 03, 2017: 4 min
Pilates breathing is the cornerstone of good Pilates technique. This video teaches you how to breathe correctly as you move.
Uploaded Oct 03, 2017: 14 min
Learn how to find your postural alignment lying on your back, sitting, kneeling, and in standing. An essential aspect of good Pilates technique is being aware of how your body is aligned before and during exercise. Poor posture strengthens imbalances in your body, which in turn can cause injuries.
Uploaded Oct 03, 2017: 4 min
This simple exercise helps you to release tight neck muscles. The Head Nod also helps you align your head with your spine before doing abdominal curls.
Uploaded Oct 03, 2017: 4 min
Knowing how to work from a well-placed shoulder position will help to strengthen your upper abdominals, improve your balance, and minimise neck tension. It will also help you strengthen your arms and upper torso more effectively. This highly mobile area of the body is often over used.
Uploaded Oct 08, 2017: 3 min
Many Pilates exercises require you to have both legs up in the air. Learn how to judge if you are ready for these more complex exercises and how to do this movement safely for your spine. This is also an integral movement used in the Self- assessment tests video.
Uploaded Feb 14, 2017: 6 min
Want to start doing abdominal exercises? The Abdominal Curl foundation Pilates exercise is great for your abs. Tania teaches you how to flex your upper spine while keeping your lower spine stable to strengthen your abs in flexion.
Uploaded Jan 10, 2018: 7 min
Tania teaches two variations of the bridging movement — Hip Lift and Articulated Bridge. The Hip Lift variation strengthens your hips and the back of the thighs. The action in this variation helps you learn to bend correctly — using your hip, not your back. Bending from your hip protects your back when lifting, sitting, and standing from sitting. The Articulated Bridge variation works sequentially through your spine, showing you where it may be stiff and need mobilising.
Uploaded Oct 03, 2017: 5 min
Tania teaches you how to articulate our spine (roll through spinal joints) from a seated position. This movement can be difficult to master but learning how to do it well will help you learn the Roll Up Classic mat exercise. It also builds your strength and mobility for other rolling and more advanced exercises like Teaser or Boomerang.
Uploaded Oct 29, 2016: 8 min
These extension exercises help strengthen your spinal muscles and the muscles at the back of your hips. You may find these exercises challenging to do well!
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 5 min
This video explains the side-lying position used for a variety of Pilates exercises.
Uploaded Dec 30, 2016: 3 min
Many people have problems kneeling or their wrists are unable to carry any weight. Tania Huddart teaches how to protect your wrists and knees while doing Pilates exercises. If your wrist or knee condition makes it impossible for you to do these exercises, please check with your health care practitioner before attempting any further exercise.
Uploaded Aug 19, 2016: 3 min
Tight hamstrings may make it difficult for you to sit upright on your mat and cause some back pain when you try to sit this way. Tania Huddart gives you a few helpful tips to help you sit upright if your hamstrings are tight.
Uploaded Feb 03, 2018: 1 min
Shanina gives a brief overview of the changes you can expect to find during pregnancy.
Uploaded Feb 03, 2018: 4 min
Learn why you have to move carefully while pregnant to avoid diastasis recti (separation of your abdominal muscles), and when it is safe to exercise after giving birth. Shanina Connell describes the changes that occur in a woman’s body during pregnancy. She explains why it is important that women do not exercise after giving birth until the abdominal wall has sufficiently healed. Shanina also shows you how to test whether your body is ready to return to exercise.
Uploaded Mar 03, 2014: 1 hr, 3 min
This class is great for beginners as well as pregnant women in their first trimester. Exercises include Standing Breathing and Half Forward Roll Down. The class focuses on strengthening your pelvic floor, abdominal, and hip muscles. Shanina also gives you guidelines about how to lie down and come up off the mat. The class is slow, controlled, and challenging. Shanina teaches you to make each movement count, so there are few repetitions. Equipment used: Magic circle, two 1kg free weights, small ball or hand towel
Uploaded Nov 03, 2015: 29 min
Shanina teaches a detailed class that focuses on strengthening your arm and hip muscles. She balances strengthening work with some gentle stretches after each exercise group. You can do this class in all pregnancy trimesters. The class is also suitable for postnatal women whose abdominal wall has sufficiently healed to allow exercise. We recommend that you watch Shanina’s "Exercising after Pregnancy" modification video first, which teaches you how to test if you are ready to return to exercise. Shanina was 25 weeks pregnant at time of video and has since given birth to a beautiful baby girl.
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 52 min
Shanina works your entire body, especially your gluteals and arms. The class uses the Swiss Ball, Magic Circle and arm weights. It ends with a gentle stretch for the upper back and hips. Shanina was 25 weeks pregnant at the time of this class and has since given birth to a beautiful baby girl! Equipment used: Magic Circle, 1kg free weights, Swiss Ball
Uploaded Nov 05, 2016: 44 min
Shanina starts the class with some postnatal exercise guidelines. She brings awareness to your breathing, focusing on connecting your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as you exhale. Shanina works on building pelvic stability, and hip and abdominal strength. You then do chest-opening exercises to relieve tension from feeding your baby, followed by triceps extensions to strengthen the arms. Shanina teaches some challenging, side-lying buttock and hamstring strengthening exercises. Her full-body strengthening work uses four-point kneel exercises extending arms and legs.
Uploaded Feb 17, 2016: 8 min
Get your body back in tone with Tania’s postnatal exercises for arms and shoulders. Learn where to place your shoulder blades on your rib cage to release tension and get the most benefit from strengthening exercises. Tania uses the Theraband to strengthen your triceps and rotator cuff. You then release your shoulders and forearm tension and finish with the sequence with shoulder circles.
Uploaded Feb 17, 2016: 4 min
Tania’s exercises in this short postnatal class will strengthen your abs and hips and get your body working again. She uses the bridging exercise to strengthen your hips and mobilise your spine. You then work your abs by doing abdominal curls with straight legs.
Uploaded Dec 04, 2015: 9 min
A short class using story telling, sensory awareness, archetypal postures (e.g.(squatting and different floor sitting postures) and some Pilates movements. Tania is teaching Michael, a 5 year old who loves hamsters. The story is about a hamster waking up, stretching, and then going out to get some food.
Uploaded Sep 26, 2017: 35 min
Cat's beginner Pilates mat class works on your breathing, abs, and hips. Cat starts with standing breathing with the ball under your arm pit. This exercise opens your rib cage and makes you aware of your ribs opening as you inhale and closing as you exhale. Cat shows you how to activate your abdominals correctly when doing basic abdominal strengthening exercises and teaches you some great variations. The class also focuses on spinal motion in four-point kneel and from standing. Cat finishes with hip strengthening exercises and a spinal rotation release. Equipment used: Ball and hand towel
Uploaded Nov 01, 2013: 10 min
Tania’s dynamic stretching class frees up and mobilises your shoulders, neck, and ankles. A great morning wake-up class for anyone to do, and especially if you suffer from arthritis! The class starts with side-lying breathing over the pillow. You then do a series of movements to mobilise your shoulders. If you cannot lie on your side, Tania suggests another way to do this exercise series. You finish by releasing your neck and ankles.
Uploaded Sep 26, 2013: 24 min
The exercises in this Pilates class are great for your lower back, especially if you suffer occasional back pain, or have had a scoliosis fusion. The class also exercises your neck and shoulders. You start by focusing on breathing. You then do a set of bridging exercises. Next, you do some rotation exercises to release your thoracic and lower spine. The class then does some Swiss ball exercises that mobilise the muscles around the shoulder girdle. You then do some hip and hamstring strengthening followed by leg and balance control exercises on foam roller.
Uploaded Sep 26, 2013: 25 min
Do you have stiff muscles or suffer occasional nerve pain? Need exercises for arthritis? Release your joints, muscles and nerves in this Pilates class. Great to do before starting your day—the Pilates exercises can even be done in bed! The class starts by focusing on deep breathing. You then release your sciatic nerve, and do ankle circles, and lower back and shoulder rotational movements. Next, you release your neck muscles. You then do a side-lying exercise series that includes breathing over the pillow, rotation though the thoracic spine, decompressing the spinal column, and hip strengthening.
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 27 min
Need exercises for the office? Try this class! Most of these office exercises can be done on a chair if you don’t have a Swiss ball. Before starting, make sure you have room to move safely and that the floor you are exercising on is not slippery. Tania starts by settling your body on the Swiss ball. You find your neutral pelvis, and use imagery to help you ‘sit tall’ and decompress your spine which also helps your breathing! You stretch your neck muscles, do some abdominals series and exercises over the ball. Class ends with a leg and ab exercise, and a lower back release on the mat.
Uploaded Apr 14, 2018: 1 hr, 38 min
Class starts with hip release. Learn how to breathe correctly, find your ‘powerhouse’ muscles, and how to activate key muscles for good Pilates technique. You also learn how each part of the body works. Next mobilise your spine while standing to release neural tension. Then learn 4-point kneel exercise to improve strength and functional movements. You then strengthen your hip muscles to stabilise your pelvis and prone shoulder extension to help strengthen shoulder girdle and upper spine. 100s rhythm then creates endurance while keeping shoulder muscles activated. Inner thigh exercises to end.
Uploaded Apr 09, 2018: 47 min
This class is ideal for beginners or anyone wishing to reinforce their Pilates practice. Your body gets a full workout – exercises work on your full range of movement: flexion, extension, side flexion, and rotation. Bruce encourages you to explore and create awareness within your body by starting and ending the class with a spinal Roll Down from standing. The class mobilises your spine and activates your abdominals using preparation exercises for the Classic mat exercises: Double Leg Stretch, Hundred, Rolling Like a Ball, and Roll Up . Bruce also builds your hip muscle strength and your endurance.
Uploaded Feb 26, 2014: 18 min
The stretching exercises in this class will leave your body feeling ‘released’ and flexible! Tania starts the class by releasing your sciatic nerve, which helps you benefit more from her next exercises – stretching your hamstrings and IT (iliotibial) bands with the Theraband. You then stretch your adductors, lower back, and hip. Next, using a pillow for support, you lie on your side and release your rib cage and shoulders. The class finishes with a thigh and hip flexor stretch.
Uploaded Nov 01, 2013: 12 min
This class is especially for horse riders needing exercises to tone their bodies for riding. Tania explains how your rib cage and diaphragm move as you breathe. Her bridging exercise strengthens your hip and abdominal muscles to help you sit well on the horse. You then mobilise your spine by rolling down from the bridge position. Tania uses a basic ab curl to strengthen muscles needed to support your trunk. You use a Theraband exercise to strengthen and stabilise the shoulder muscles used for controlling the reign. You work your abs, shoulder, and hip muscles, and then finish with spine release.
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 40 min
Tania starts by focusing on breathing and getting your postural alignment right. She then gets you to activate your hip muscles and do a rotational release for the upper spine. The class does some abdominal exercises that build into the Single Leg Stretch and Criss Cross exercises. Four-point kneel exercises and exercises prone on the Swiss Ball build into Leg Pull Front and Back Support exercises. Tania finishes the class with Spine Stretch.
Uploaded May 12, 2017: 43 min
Cat's level 2 (intermediate) Pilates mat class gives your body a good workout. Cat leads a challenging class with a variety of exercises that fully work your arms, shoulders, abdominals, upper spine, and hips. Class exercises include Reformer and Cadillac exercises transferred to the mat such as the Reformer stomach massage series and the Cadillac Monkey using the foam roller. Equipment used: Foam roller, hand towel
Uploaded Sep 26, 2013: 7 min
Tania’s functional strengthening class strengthens your abs, shoulders, hip flexors, and legs to help you sit from standing and pick things up off the floor. The class starts in four-point-kneel position. You hinge at the hips to release your lower spine and warm up your hips for stand-to-sit movements. You mobilise your spine by curving over like a cat before moving the ribs from side to side. You place your elbows and forearms on the floor, and lift and lower your knees off the mat—a great exercise for strengthening your shoulders, lower abs, and hips. The last exercise opens your upper spine.
Uploaded Sep 26, 2013: 6 min
In this class, Tania gets you working towards mastering the complicated Pilates exercise, Push Up. You start by rolling down through the spine from standing and placing yourself in four-point-kneel on the mat. From this position, you extend your legs behind you, then hinge forward into a kneeling push up position. You then try the full Push Up exercise. In order to do the Push Up exercise well, you need to be able to balance your abdominal, hip, and shoulder strength and control. Make sure when learning to do this exercise that you master each step fully before you move on to the next one.
Uploaded Nov 05, 2016: 35 min
Lorna’s class is a complete body workout, fully exercising your abdominals, spine, arms, buttocks, and legs. The class is challenging and uses the flex ring’s resistance to increase muscle awareness and build strength. Equipment used: Flex Ring (or Magic Circle), Mat
Uploaded Nov 05, 2016: 35 min
This class gets you energized and fully aware of your entire body! Lorna starts with a full warm up for the abdominals, hips, and shoulders. Her exercises build from a simple sequence to a more complex choreography. They include Scissors, Shoulder Bridge with Leg Up, Roll Over, Rolling Like a Ball, Roll Up, and Corkscrew. The class then challenges you with a side control series and a push-up sequence.
Uploaded Apr 10, 2018: 51 min
Sally activates your hip muscles, stretches your hamstrings, warms up your spine, and then gives you a strong abdominal workout. Your workout includes the hundred, roll-up, single-leg stretch, double-leg stretch, scissors, and criss-cross. The class finishes with a nice upper-back release.
Uploaded Nov 05, 2016: 33 min
Join Tania and Olivia on the step barrel. A thorough warm up focusing on the way the breastbone moves while breathing and followed by exercises that explore the interaction between the hip, pelvis and thigh bone starts this video. These exercises build into abdominal exercises that use the whole body including strong hip extension. Prone exercises on the top of the barrel activate spinal extension before working the oblique abdominals sideways over the barrel. The video concludes with triceps strengthening exercises.
Uploaded Nov 05, 2016: 24 min
A great full body workout using the Cadillac springs and a proprioceptive waist loop. Cyclists everywhere will love this workout. Explore key cycling connections staring supine with some bridge variations and abdominals, then moving to side lying hip strengthening. In four point kneel you have the extra challenge of a rocking board that leads to press up with a twist. We finish with a short cool down supine to lengthen the hips and connect the flutes for those extra hills you may be climbing on your bike.
Uploaded Jun 09, 2014: 1 hr, 4 min
Sally gives you a good balance of flexion, extension, and rotation exercises, and also includes some strong scapulae stabilisation work. She starts by activating your hamstrings and mobilising your spine. More challenging exercises include the Elephant and the Kneeling Side Arm series. The class ends with a Standing Spinal Roll Down.
Uploaded Sep 11, 2013: 59 min
This class works on your hamstring – abdominal connection, and on your postural control and balance. The Half Barrel exercises focus on activating and mobilizing your hip using 2 kg leg weights to further challenge your body. The class ends with a roll-down from standing. Equipment used: Wunda Chair, Half Barrel, 1kg leg weights
Uploaded Nov 05, 2016: 24 min
A great full body workout using the Cadillac springs and a proprioceptive waist loop. Cyclists everywhere will love this workout. Explore key cycling connections staring supine with some bridge variations and abdominals, then moving to side lying hip strengthening. In four point kneel you have the extra challenge of a rocking board that leads to press up with a twist. We finish with a short cool down supine to lengthen the hips and connect the flutes for those extra hills you may be climbing on your bike.
Uploaded Dec 16, 2015: 41 min
Tania’s workshop looks at the anatomy of breathing and explores a variety of different breathing techniques. In his book, Return to Life through Contrology, Joseph Pilates states that we should, above all, learn to breathe correctly and “squeeze every atom of air from your lungs until they are almost as free of air as is a vacuum.” Although Joseph told us how important it is to breathe correctly, he never actually told us how to achieve this other than to “squeeze” the air out of our lungs.
Uploaded Dec 16, 2015: 46 min
Tania’s workshop will teach you simple techniques to help relieve foot pain. The workshop also shows you how to condition your feet for peak performance (especially important for dancers and athletes!). The workshop looks at basic lower leg and foot anatomy, and gives tips for looking after feet. Tania teaches exercises to strengthen the feet, including traditional foot corrector exercises. You also use a small ball to release foot and lower leg muscles. Equipment used: Tennis or solid rubber ball, marbles, plant pot holder, foot corrector (or a medium sized ball with a little ‘give’ in it)
Uploaded Dec 16, 2015: 1 hr, 5 min
Learn how to use gravity to move well. Use new equipment to exercise the lower and upper body muscles so they engage correctly with gravity. You begin by working on the feet and learning how they connect to the pelvis. You then explore a variety of exercises that will help to refine the dialogue between the shoulder socket, humerus, radius, ulna, wrist, and hand. You then incorporate trunk rotation and relate it to upper body movement when walking or running. Apply this to the Reformer to help refine the walking action.
Uploaded Dec 04, 2015: 1 hr, 40 min
Learn a new ‘whole body’ approach to movement that uses the face, feet, and hands. Apply your new knowledge to Pilates mat exercises. What you will learn You explore the whole body, from the feet upwards. Having a ‘whole body approach’ helps clients move more effectively. You learn to use the face, feet, and hands as part of your approach to doing Pilates exercises. These are important sensory areas of our bodies and can enhance the way we experience movement. You explore foot and hand/arm movements in more detail. You then apply concepts explored during the workshop and integrate the whole body in