Learn your basic ATS zills!
A quick 15 minute drill that is just right for those who have taken Intro to ATS® with me whether that is online or in person with me! this is great drill to practice every day too to help you get those Intro moves and concepts down! hope you enjoy it!
Another 15 minute drill dedicated to my Intro to Tribal students!
A 15 minute drill that is a great practice for anybody learning Level one ATS® material!
Dust off those vertical figure eights! Learn how to Taxeem!
Slow Arm undulations! Learn this slow move!
The Arabic step... only dance it to fast music!
Super fun, super swishy, the Egyptian Basic! this is a great move with Zills!
Doing this great undulation called the Body Wave!
Transitions are the moment of time between dance moves. Learn why the transition is so important in ATS® dance!
The Shimmy step is so fun! bouncy hips makes tassels, skirts and bellies happy! this step also brings loads of fun and smiles to many! try it!
The ATS® posture is how we stand tall and present ourselves when dancing! Learn it! Love it! it will change your life!
The hip bump is a fundamental move of ATS dance. It is generally taught in level 1 and Intro type classes
Just a quick how to on wrapping turbans for ATS® Heidi style!
This class is the perfect fit for those folks who have never danced before, and would like to start learning American Tribal Style® Belly dance. This follow along class, is structured from the most basic movements in ATS®, and is taught the same way, every class so you can build your muscle memory, and get on the right track for higher level classes. No experience necessary!