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Tamara is the creator of Dancer’s Body®,Optimal 90®, FLiP: Start With Happy!®, Dance Fit Crew for Kids fitness programs. FLiP incorporates a balance of Positive Mindset, Optimal Fitness training and Nutrition. She was recognized by Oprah’s OWN producers out of 15,000 auditions for her Health and Wellness show idea for OWN. Tamara teaches daily and regularly conducts motivational seminars and one-to-one intensives where she trains and inspires people to be Happy, Healthy and Fit!

Tamara is a master teacher, professional choreographer, performer and motivational speaker celebrating 30 years of experience as an instructor. She is on the International Council of Dance based in France and has taught at the University of Utah for 8 years as Health and Wellness Lecturer/Professor, Optimal Fitness curriculum creator, Director of Jazz Dance and Live To Dance Artistic Director. She has performed and taught throughout the United States, Australia, Europe, Canada, Asia and Mexico.

Tamara started her professional career in front of the camera at age 12 on the TV show, Kids Incorporated. She released her fitness video in 1987 at age 17. Her credits include: The Academy Awards; Assistant Choreographer for Michael Jackson’s production of Sisterella (European tour); the film Dance To Win with Paula Abdul; The Tonight Show; NBC Soaps (Days of Our Lives & Generations); national Pepsi commercials; Kid’s Incorporated; Saved by the Bell; Music Man; A Chorus Line; Broadway on Tap; Asics and Danskin Industrials; MTV videos; and singer/dancer for Stacy Q and Cheyenne concert tours. Recently, she performed with the legendary Debbie Reynolds at the Nokia theater in Los Angeles for a crowd of 7,000.


-30 years of teaching -Creator of Dancer's Body® Sculpt, Yoga, Optimal -Academy Awards -Assist. Choreographer for Michael Jackson's Sisterella


Certified in Dancer's Body®, Optimal 90®, and FLiP: Start With Happy®. University Health and Wellness Instructor.

"I have been profoundly influenced and transformed physically and emotionally by working and living Tamara's program. The knowledge I have gained has helped me create healthy eating habits that are now second nature and allow me to be successful anytime and anywhere. What has made my experience with Tamara lead me to create a loving, healthy, positive lifestyle was the focus on flipping my negative internal dialog and core beliefs and replacing them with positive ones. It was deep, hard work that has improved my life dramatically. The very best part of Tamara's approach is that it is based around dance. It feeds my soul and Tamara's positive energy, wonderful choreography for all levels of dancers (and dancers at heart) shines through and touches us all. The other benefit of her approach is that I have been able to attain fantastic physical results as well. I have developed long, lean, cut muscles and my cardio endurance has increased greatly so I can dance my heart out! Tamara's love and devotion to her students, fellow humans and dance radiates from her and elevates those around her. Love you Tamara! Thank you."

"I've never taken a class that inspired me as much as Tamara's class. She allowed me to re-discover the passion not only for dance, but for life in her class. Her class was not only fun, but it pushed me further than realized I was capable of. Tamara has a gift of teaching and a gift of life and her skills inspire her students. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with her!"

"Moreover, Tamara’s unique ability to encourage growth in each and every one of her students sets her apart from many of her fellow educators. Unafraid to put every ounce of her being into her teaching, she demonstrates the essence of absolute love for her art—a rare and invaluable quality—making her students among the most fortunate in the field today."