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Welcome to Michelle Star Yoga Online Live and Recorded classes! First timers, try any live classes as an introductory trial for 30 days. Expires at end of 30 days from date of enrollment.

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After studying Yoga for 15 years, in 1985 I left the corporate world only to return as a Yoga instructor with a mission to help people unwind and achieve the benefits a consistent practice offers. Teaching employees in a five-state region, in such organizations as the Cleveland Clinic (including classes for the 3-month Clinic study on the effect of Yoga on chronic pain), American Greetings, Turtle Plastics and many others, I eventually went on to open my own double Yoga studio. I continue to teach in wellness centers and in my home studio, and now Powhow live classes online. I published a book through CreateSpace entitled, "I Forgive You, Daddy, Yoga and the Angels Healed Me"; subtitle, Along with Astrology, Channeling, Dreams, Past-Life Recall, Psychicism, Telepathy, Walk-Ins and The Whales." This book shows the healing power of Yoga on all levels, and how intuition that has been "killed" can be re-awakened. It demonstrates a long journey from attempted suicide to living in joy. It shows how visions and psychic awareness develop and spirituality becomes a way of life. Some of my readers say they can't put it down. If you like inspirational stories about overcoming, this book may be for you. Available at For an autographed copy, write me.


33 Years teaching, 48 years practice. Taught Cleveland Clinic employees and conducted classes for the Clinic's scientific study on Yoga & chronic pain


Associate in Arts, Major/Physical Education; Certifications: Kripalu, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Tarot training/1986, Vagus nerve activation

""With the healing of my fears and traumas, facing my demons and embracing peace, the desire for which propelled me on this journey, I am free... I believe this is the peace that "'passes all understanding.'""


Michelle Star, Author