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Sean Andrews is the bassist for Redemption, a progressive metal band signed to InsideOut Music that features Ray Alder of Fates Warning on vocals. Redemption's latest CD, This Mortal Coil, is available now through online retailers like Amazon and iTunes. Sean has been teaching Bass and Guitar privately since 1994 at the Redlands Guitar Shop. He's been playing bass for over 20 years and guitar for about 15 years. He also composes and records his own bass oriented music under the name indica trichome project. Sean is a a proud endorser of Ibanez basses, Nordstrand pickups, Carvin amps and GHS strings!
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"This is absolutely the best thing I have ever favorite song, played beautifully. I think I can no go deaf, cause there will never be any sound more´╗┐ amazing than this. Thank you so much for sharing this. I literally cried listening to this"