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Beginner Drum Solo Choreography

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Pops, locks, shimmies, undulations... you name it, this choreography has it! Super fun and high energy, yet geared towards the newer dancer. This is a piece that anyone can learn in six weeks… Perfect for beginners! Join us and learn and super fun and very sassy drum solo that is accessible to everyone no matter the level of belly dance experience!

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I love belly dancing! Seriously... I did not ever set out to be a professional belly dancer, but since dedicating the last 18 years of my life to it, I cannot imagine doing anything else. I was an engineer by training before starting my first belly dance class - which just goes to show that anyone can learn this beautiful dance!

What I love best about teaching - and I've had the opportunity to work with students all over the world - is watching a student grow into their dance - from that first "ah-ha" moment, to seeing them dance with a confidence that they never thought they had. This dance is so wonderfully empowering and can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life. I've gained balance, confidence, poise, and come to appreciate my body and who I am... and you can too!

People have described my classes as "clear and easy to follow", "approachable", "a fabulous workout". My science background comes out in my attention to detail and the way I break the movements down into their smallest component parts.

I am thrilled about this new chapter in my teaching career and look forward to helping others all over the world to learn and love this dance that means so much to me.

See you on the dance floor!


Sahira has over 16 years of teaching experience all over the world - Taiwan, Australia, Germany, England, Egypt, Canada and beyond!


Sahira has studied for 18 years with master dance instructors from across the globe in Egyptian, Tribal Style, West African and Modern.

"Dancing with Sahira on Powhow is a joy! She is a phenomenal teacher. She really breaks down the steps and guides you through every movement so that you feel comfortable knowing you are moving the right way, yet still getting a superb workout! I've always been shy about belly dancing, especially since I'm not thin, but doing it from the comfort of my own home and with a very seasoned instructor, makes it much easier and way more enjoyable."

~ Amy - Kenosha, WI

"Thumbs up for Sahira & Pow How – a perfect combo! With Sahira I get amazing expertise and skill in teaching and performance. With Pow How I always have the best spot in the studio, a class that fits my time schedule and great rates. The best online experience I’ve ever had!"

~ Jen - Houston, TX

" I love this class. I can study with a world-class teacher who lives thousands of miles away. Being able to take these classes has renewed my interest in bellydance. "

~ Angela - Nova Scotia, Canada