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Get access to our library of videos, which will be updated with 3 new classes a week from the OULA Studio. You will get to know our instructors and participants, as if you were dropping in to our live classes at the home of OULA and joining our community. You will also stay current on the latest OULA choreography which is updated weekly with chart topping songs. OULA is Dancemania for the Soul!

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What is the OULA Magic?

Every person, every human, everyone wants & has a deep desire to feel & be connected. It is in connection we are seen, heard, felt, loved. The place of connection is where trust is built & safe freedom is allowed. It is here in the individual that creativity, confidence & growth propel. OULA is connection, with self & others. OULA is community.

Because our focus is on “how you feel” rather than “how you look,” our participants experience the freedom of a non-judgement (of self and of others) environment and community, rather than competition. Our approach to fitness is incredibly refreshing and healthy in the traditionally image-obsessed fitness industry. Our participants experience transformation from the inside out, and enjoy our philosophy that when you feel good, you look amazing.

""Since I live in a city that doesn't have Oula (yet!) the online studio is my lifesaver. It's great being able to dance it all out in my living room any time I need it. I can still feel the excitement and positive energy from the people taking the class in person, which is a big part of why Oula is so magical. It really is amazing how connected and close I feel to the Oula studio in Missoula all the way from the East Coast when I'm singing and shouting and dancing with my laptop.""


Katie Knowles

""I did my first Oula Power class last week and it was awesome! I have been doing pilates 2-3 times per week for the past four years and I still felt my abs after Oula Power. I am so excited to incorporate it into my strength training routine. The best part was that I was smiling as I found myself working to the point of utter exhaustion! It was very challenging, but the instructors are so encouraging and engaging that you can't help but love it!""


Jen Olson

"“I love the way that Oula.One is perfectly put together. The way that the movements and stretches are paired with the music are amazing and feel that way in the body, mind and the soul. I think it is the perfect complement to round out a full body and soul workout that OULA Fitness provides. When Kali sent me the link to the first release, I was hooked. It just FEELS incredible. I think for me, personally as well as my participants, this is the needed link-and it isn’t just stretching, there is power and challenge as well. I have done a few online classes, which have been lovely, but I was able to experience this live in August, and I am honestly hooked.” "


Chelle Bird