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Raquel Gronski has been teaching Fitness for almost twenty five years. Her diverse, progressive teaching skills have spread from San Diego CA, Tampa Florida, to currently Mt. Laurel NJ. She has provided a wide range of Class instruction to her clients. From the Pilates Reformer &Springboard, Master Dance Step Classes, Sculpting, Spinning, Kick Boxing, Les Mills Body Pump, Body Step, GI Drills, Hi Lo Dance, Bosu, Kettlebell, Barre, and Bollywood, or otherwise known as “Bhangra” now added to her repertoire.

Raquel’s classes have graced Pilates Studios to Fitness Studios to Corporate Gyms. She had been educated by the Best Fitness Instructors in the Industry as well as Mentored by Master Choreographers in Dance and Pilates. She has trained clients that come for her commitment to “raising the bar” in instruction. Always taking movement and creativity to the next level will be a constant as a client in Raquel’s studio.

Her Drive and Energy in her classes landed her getting a TV spot on the “Ten Show” in Philadelphia to Promote Ballys Total Fitness. She launched their new fitness concept in coordination with the premier of the Apprentice with Ballys being the corporate benefactor of the first mission. She has provided Fitness Counseling to thousands of clients as well as creating hundreds of Master Classes and Seminars on Health & Wellness and Fitness.

Her experiences in all aspects of Exercise had led her to her belief of overall mind & body fitness. After years of rigorous exercise which resulted
in back and foot issues, she has experienced a transformation with her body now by consistently training on the reformer. Pilates not only corrected her spine and foot issues; she gained increased flexibility and strength as well.

To add to her credits Raquel has recently been featured in Fitness Professional Jessica Smith's Quick Walk Series of Videos.

Raquel is deeply committed to her clients and very excited to teach to you!


Raquel Gronski has been teaching Fitness for almost twenty five years. Her diverse, progressive teaching skills have spread from San Diego CA, Tampa F


AFAA Primary Certification since 1990 AMERICAN SPORT & FITNESS ASSOCIATION Primary Certification since 2001 AMERICAN SPORT & FITNESS ASSOCIATION Pila

" May I just say - thank you so much for your great method! Inventive exercises and amazing music. This is really a very special offering and a method that works! "