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Get all 7 MindbodyWarrior Yoga videos. 4 Power yoga and 3 Yin yoga sequences to give you the balance you are looking for. What ever mood you are in and what ever your needs are you will find it in this package. There are over 9000 of Mark's videos in circulation. Find out why people get so much use out of them. By Now and get 2 additional 20 min warm ups for free! "I love your teaching style and am looking for yoga focusing on spinal twists and neck, shoulders/arms; I am a massage therapist with scoliosis and tight upper body. Please continue to develop your videos!" Sharisse Campe verde, US

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Mark’s journey in to yoga started in a former life as a software developer and weight lifter. Approaching yoga for the first time as a means to deal with constant tension headaches. He quickly realized that yoga was the practice that would help him get to know himself better so that he could find his passion in life and live it. Having been trained in traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Power and many other styles he believes that all traditions have wisdom and he draws from all of them to offer more tools to his students. Since then his studies have lead him to a multitude of interrelated subjects, ranging from change behavior management to the ancient study of yoga and the world religions. He has also studied under or taken workshops with some of the world's most respected spiritual teachers and speakers including Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Hawkins, Anthony Robbins and many others at the top of their fields. The knowledge and wisdom passed down to him by many great teachers allows him to draw from many different traditions in what he teaches. By continuing to take part in teacher training programs and workshops, he works to further develop his skills and ensure a comprehensive, well-balanced style of yoga instruction.

Although Mark respects all ancient teachings and practices, he believes that these teachings need to be taught in a context in which we live our lives today rather then 5000 years ago. Rather than separating your spiritual practice from everyday life, we should learn to take these teachings from our mat practice and use them when we're dealing with family, friends, partners or even running a business.

Mark’s Power classes are a great balance of strength and flexibility with a strong focus on learning how to connect our core strength to the rest of our body. He believes that once you have hammered out the foundation of the pose, you will have the base from which to explore what the full expression is for your body and mindset. What he really hope you will get out of his classes or workshops is that yoga and meditation are metaphors for everyday life and can help when dealing with all of life's stresses. Rather than internalizing these stresses and allow them to affect you physically or mentally, we can view them as challenges to overcome. The underlining message in all of his work is that although life can be busy and full of challenge, and learning to stay calm and focused throughout these challenges will allow for growth rather then holding on to stresses. Most of all he encourages his students to develop a sense of humor about life, which is a tool that can help you get through anything.