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Get your questions answered, practice your latest tricks, and get immediate feedback in private class with Mihir. Sign up now for 3 sessions and save!

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Mild mannered business student, Mihir Dave, is leading something of a double life. By day, one might find him representing Gujarat, India in table tennis; captaining Team Ahmedabad. By night, he's Mihirthedemon03, revered YouTube magician and sought-after Powhow instructor.

At 17 years old, Mr. Dave picked up a deck of cards and, in just four years, he created more than 100 magic videos for YouTube, many of them featuring tricks he invented. He also contributes to, a site devoted to revealing magic tricks for free.

As a supplement to these free services he offers, Dave sees Powhow as the ideal format to assist and instruct magicians, saying, "The main problem on YouTube is that you can't get real time feedback. No YouTube video can tell you what you are doing wrong. On Powhow, you get my real time feedback and you will be doing tricks perfectly in no time.

"Magic is an art," he explains, "you can perform magic tricks for your family circle, friends, school, college and you can be the center of attraction."

Mr. Dave's card tricks are sure to amaze and, with his valuable guidance, students all over the world will be more magical than ever.


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