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Learn the essential fundamentals of Jazz and Latin Drumming and improve your technique in private lessons that fit your schedule. Sign up now!

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1 Powhow Credit for Jazz and Latin Drumming Fundamentals

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Mark Letalien, creator of, has been performing and teaching for over twenty years. A native of New England, Mark moved to Los Angeles to study with such noted drum instructors as Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Steve Houghton, and Jim Chapin. After leaving Los Angeles, he relocated to the Gulf Coast of Florida, where he taught and performed in a variety of musical settings. He has since settled in the Atlanta area with his wife and daughter. Recent playing highlights include performing with Grammy winner Shelby Lynne for her London performances, being a founding member of and performing for four years with Colonel Bruce Hampton and the Quark Alliance, and currently being a member of the World music group Insonnia. As of late, he has begun to focus more on drum and rhythmic education, and is working on an full length instructional DVD series as well as an 'Introduction to Rhythmic Independence' book aimed at building coordination and confidence in children. Mark also has an in-house recording facility, which he uses to provide drum tracks for long distance clients. As always, Mark has maintained his passion for music and drumming, and still strives to constantly become a better musician and teacher.


25 years