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If you are serious about becoming United with your Divinity and experiencing Apotheosis-- this may be exactly what you are looking for because Transformation isn't an event it's a process! What is a Spiritual Advance? In the same way one may take payment now on a check that hasn't been issued yet but is due on a future date. A Spiritual Advance is a Spiritual Retreat that allows you to start collecting dividends before you actually attend the Retreat. Get all 7 Videos of the 2015 Retreat in Costa Rica

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Kenneth Toy (Swami Jayananda) is the founder of Institute for Personal Development, Inc. He is an independent scholar who earned the title of Swami in the Kriya Yoga lineage and is also a Certified Professional Astrologer. He has been living, practicing and teaching the mystical sciences for over 39 years. He worked for 20 years in the building trades while learning the mystical sciences. He is a Steamfitter of local 638 in NYC and a certified welder. He says "fusion of metal and fusion of consciousness are identical. Just as the atom imitates the solar system, the small and the simple explains the large and the complex." He developed the Transformational Lifestyle Program on the subways of NYC where all of his senses were violated. He says, "During those years in NY, I figured out the mystery of life and applied the theory. I empowered myself to shape my inner state of being to fit the demands of my external environment. Self-control and self-mastery is the foundation of this program and Kriya Yoga."
As a Kriya Yoga Swami, he took a vow to truth and has the responsibility to develop his own system for attaining enlightenment-- The Temple of Kriya Yoga is not responsible for the information that you get here. He is a firm believer in knowing and doing-- walking the talk. Kenneth has deep appreciation to his teacher Goswami Kriyananda who said "find a need and fill that need".


36 Years living, practicing and teaching the mystical sciences.


Temple of Kriya Yoga ordained Swami & Certified Professional Astrologer

""If you are looking for a Samadhi Based experience, IPD Kriya Yoga has the goods." "

""Whether you’re a beginner or advanced yoga teacher do yourself a big favor and try some classes at the IPD. Ken Toy is a modern day Yogi who offers the nuts and bolts version of true, traditional Yoga. His classes in Asana and Mantra are wonderful and filled with great instruction, but his classes in Yoga theory are what opened my eyes and equipped me with the skills and power to solve many of life’s challenges. Learn how to be happier, healthier than ever before by plugging into the wisdom provided in these classes.""