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Salute To The Son Yoga Package is a 10-Class Pass allowing you to enjoy 10 sessions of this particular class at a reduced price of $6. per session rather than $12.

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ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer I have been in fitness since the 1970's. I began as an instructor at Apollo Diana Fitness Center under the leadership of owner, 1969, Mr. America, John Decola and 1984 Masters Mr. America. What an amazing privilege to be trained by the best! (

At the birth of my first son, I began teaching from a gym in my own home, personal training and group fitness. Later on teaching group fitness in local gyms, and adding personal training.

One of my favorite positions was teaching Aqua Kick Boxing at Chambersburg Fitness Center in Chambersburg, Pa. This class was very high energy, creating lean, strong muscle using the dynamic force of the water, super fun fitness! At that time I taught Aqua Kick Boxing in Hagerstown, Md. along with Yoga Fitness in 2 locations in Hagerstown, and Greencastle, Chambersburg, and Mercersburg, Pa.

2003 my love of teaching was interrupted with spinal stenosis, demanding emergency surgery on my neck. Sporting a plate in my neck at C5 and 6, my yoga was my physical therapy. I made my way back to fitness and teaching, rapidly gaining pain freedom, reduced risk of paralysis and most of my range of motion.

2005 I opened Healthy Habit Fitness, (Now KimFIT) offering personal training, and group fitness.

2007 I was the first instructor to bring the Zumba FitnessĀ® craze to the area. The fitness party caught on like wild fire and it was a blast! We danced down the streets of Waynesboro in parades, while class numbers in our small town topped out at 30-50 participants 4 evenings per week and Saturday mornings. Several of the participating members launched out on there own as Zumba instructors taking the fun all over the area.

2011 I literally hit a wall while teaching Zumba FitnessĀ® at my studio. The pain was debilitating. My ability to move freely was impaired and even while I still had muscle tone, the nature of the condition is weakening making ordinary daily tasks tremendously difficult.

In 2013 it was recommended that I have surgery. Pain and disability, not withstanding, I was informed that my L5 and S1 were fusing. This meant I would never recover from the pain and would be permanently disabled. With the surgery, (ALIF) they would fuse L5 S1 with a cage at L5, and I would be free of pain and become mobile again. March 12, 2014, they performed Anterior Lumber Inter-body Fusion. This means they entered through the front at my abdomen and worked from there to insert the cage.

Clients say their 'core is weak'. Following this surgery I truly understand a weak core, to say it bluntly I was cut in half, front and back. It has been a long road to recovery and pain freedom.

Overcoming and winning are the only options!


ACE Fitness Certified