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This package is for the experienced dancer who wants to try some of each of my classes! As I use a linguistic approach my technique classes are a new and creative way to learn authentic Arabic movement. Learning about Arab music is an essential component of my teaching, and I will be using music from my CD, "Raqsat Katya", in all of my classes. You get 12 classes for the price of 10, plus access to all videos! Yallah, let's dance!!

For this package you get:

12 Classes

1 Powhow Credit for 7 Shimmies

2 Powhow Credits for Classic Bellydance Combinations

2 Powhow Credits for Classic Bellydance Technique

1 Powhow Credit for Contemporary Drum Solo

2 Powhow Credits for Finger Cymbals for Oriental Dance

1 Powhow Credit for Improvisation-Stage Presence and Drama Technique, Melisma

1 Powhow Credit for Starlight & Stardust-Taqsim Improvisation

1 Powhow Credit for The 7 Part Oriental Dance Routine-Part 1, Mejance (Introduction)

1 Powhow Credit for The 7 Part Oriental Dance Routine-Part 7-Drum Solo & Finale

4 Videos

Unlimited access to all videos.

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"Ahlan Wa Sahlan", "Salaam", Welcome! I am an international bellydancer that has been dancing in the traditions of the Middle East since I was a young girl of 11, and danced with my Persian family and friends in the Hollywood Hills of LA. I have been teaching Middle Eastern dance since 1994, and have completed my Master's in Ethnomusicology in 2012. Since then I've co-produced a CD of Music for Oriental Dance, "Raqsat Katya", with in Detroit, Michigan, as well as performed there in their community since my graduation. This has given me the breadth of knowledge and experience to understand the music and dance from the inside out, and I give the fruits of my labor to my students.

In this age of "Instant Bellydancer Just Add Water", my artistic integrity is a refreshing reminder that it takes years of practice to hone the skills necessary to be called "the real thing" by my Middle Eastern clients, and it is the highest and most humbling honor I have received in my reviews.

Focusing on traditional Arabic dance in my project has enabled me to have a fresh perspective on teaching bellydance that will incorporate learning about the music, culture and traditional meanings of raqs sharqi! Musicality, sacred geometry, and the roots and patterns of improvisation are just some of the things you will learn with me! Are you ready to learn the real bellydance? Come on over and try it out!