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Our core being, feminine essence, and creative energy are concentrated in our womb space. Resilient, powerful and sustaining, our reproductive organs and pelvic floor are an intricate part of long term health. Womb massage preserves our vitality, energy and is a catalyst for creating, healing and cleansing. This ancient art enhances digestion, decreases bloating and weight gain around the abdomen, renews reproductive circulation, and tones the pelvic floor. Regular practice supports hormone balance, womb alignment, well-being, relaxation, and self-empowerment. *More vids being uploaded!

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Panquetzani breathes new life into ancestral traditions, offering trusted and time-tested techniques, inspired by Mesoamerican medicine, Mexican folk healing, and natural health practices. Panquetzani honors the over 4,000 year-old traditions of her foremothers and integrates her 15 years of study into each consultation, class, and writing. She comes from a matriarchal family of folk healers- her bedtime stories of magic, miracles, deep transformation and healing. These impactful narratives have led Panquetzani to believe that all people have innate wisdom that can revolutionize their own well-being, and that of their families. As a holistic womb counselor, complete wellness coach, full spectrum doula, and foundress of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing, her goal is to support, educate, inspire, and gently guide her clients and students. On her days off, you’ll find Panquetzani fermenting, preparing herbs, moving her body, and trailing behind her two sons.

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Educator; Speaker; Author; Trainer; Healer.


Panquetzani is a lifelong student. Her education began at the age of four, through oral tradition and apprenticeship in her family and community.

"I recently purchased the online self womb massage course, Sobadas from Indigemama. I’m pleased to have this informative package in my arsenal for self-healing and exploration. Thank you, Indigemama!"

Odessa Thornhill, ND. Montreal, Canada.