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unlimited, slow mindful movement class with Deep Breath Awareness with emphisis on the core

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20 yrs of WEIGHT TRAINING and 20 yrs of Yoga, has led to a GOLF FITNESS PROGRAM that will bring STRENGTH, BALANCE,and MOBILITY to anyone who uses it regularly


20 yrs of WEIGHT TRAINING 20 yrs of different styles of Yoga Teaching experience in hospitals YMCAs, online,seminars, workshops, and presentations


one year of college100s of workshops on FITNESS TRAINING

"Jim- Here are some learnings I've realized from doing THE GOLF FITNESS PROGRAM and how my life has been impacted by it. This GOLF FITNESS PROGRAM has taught me: The most worthwhile things in my life are never easy. Struggles happen to everyone, but it is those who push through the failures that ultimately come out stronger and better equipped to handle life. Giving up is the easiest and best way to avoid growth. Failure is a necessary component of growth. Through the Golf fitness exercise Program I realized the greatest growth happens when you push yourself to the point of struggle or failure. I have applied this to life by taking more risks, knowing that if I fail I will have learned something valuable; staying within your comfort zone does not lead to fulfillment or improvement. To be process-oriented, not results-oriented. Life is about the journey, not the final destination, and judging yourself solely on results that may or may not be in your control is foolish. Focusing on what you can control and accepting what you can't control is the key to unlocking your potential. "

Mike Reik

"adds a calmness and sense of peace throughout daily challenges. Both inner and outer calm More positive physical and mental energy "

Student Oshkosh Y

"love SLOW AND CONTROLLED It helps in just about every situation in life, just like "BREATHE". Also stronger and more flexible"

Student Oshkosh Y