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When I was little, I taught aerobics to neighborhood kids from our fireplace hearth. I loved doing it and was always fascinated with exercise on tv. But then I discovered boys, and my fitness passion faded away. I barely played sports in school, but when I did, it ALWAYS had something to do with a boy. Then I went away to college, gained the "freshman 15" and thought earning my PE credits in an Aerobics Science (Step aerobic instructor training) class seemed like a great way to learn AND lose. Again, I loved it, but upon graduation I felt the need to get a fulltime job using my degree in Psychology. Whoops.

Later, upon moving to Jackson, MI with my boyfriend and getting a job in Data Management at a bank, the "freshman 15" turned into the "professional 30" and then "professional 50." Could something be wrong? Of course not. I was just riding a desk, lazy every moment I wasn't at my desk, and enjoying my beer and pizza diet.

But I was mistaken. And shaken. Something WAS wrong. Thyroid Cancer in 1998. That meant surgery, medication, depression, fatigue, and even MORE weight gain. The treatment that helped me turn a corner and got my body to accept the new medication? Massage. Yep, deep tissue uncomfortable rubdowns. My massage therapist recommended that I warm-up first, get my blood going and loosen up my tissues. Say, at the YMCA across the street.

HUH? Ok, I guess. So I started on the treadmill. Then the rumbling sounds from the GroupX studio got my attention. I tip-toed into my first Step Aerobics class and thought I'd flat out DIE. Then CardioBox. Then I discovered the free weight room (SO much more exciting than the machines). I hired a personal trainer.

Fastforward to 2000. I'm engaged and even more dedicated to my fitness. I was asked to sub the Step class. SURE! Then I panicked and wrote out PAGES of choreography and taped them to the mirror. And never glanced at them (that I can remember).

Spring 2002, I'm married and moving to a new town. Job prospects were a yawn and I decided to give this fitness passion a shot as a career. Every chance I could, I travelled to AFAA educational opportunities. I couldn't get enough. And once I discovered the VAST array of formats, music, styles and benefits, I couldn't imagine doing anything else. At least, not willingly... or for very long. ;)

While there have been tremendous ups and downs, I have never regretted it and am so grateful for the opportunities that have come from following this dream.

I am thrilled to embark on this new phase on the internet, and hope you'll join me for some fitness, fun, and SMILES!


Since subbing my first class in 1999 (Step & Strength at YMCA in Jackson, MI), I have constantly sought out more ways to bring fitness to my peeps.


AFAA GroupX & Advanced Personal Trainer, STOTT Pilates trained, AF Tai Chi, TabataBootcamp (r) certified, YogaFit Level 1 trainee