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Mohamed El Hosseny is an Egyptian dancer, choreographer and instructor of Oriental dance and Egyptian folklore. He is the director of El Hosseny Dance School and El Hosseny Dance Company, teaches weekly classes in Helsinki, Finland and gives workshops around the world.
Hosseny's repertoire includes both different Egyptian folkloric styles and traditional as well as modern Oriental dance. He masters all commonly known Egyptian folk dances, from Saidi to Alexandrian, Nubian to Fellahi, and naturally Simsimiyya, which is in his blood as he has danced it since his childhood in his hometown Suez.
Teaching is for Hosseny a vocation. His students know him as a demanding, sometimes even meticulous, yet encouraging and very inspiring teacher, who plans his classes carefully and is able to take care of each student. No student is left alone with the steps and combinations; Hosseny breaks down the moves and steps patiently and friendly, speaking clear English, making sure that everybody gets to enjoy dancing. In his classes the students don't only learn a choreography, but get a solid basis of technique as well as many useful advises for developing their own dance.
Ballet training of many years has given him power, body control and dancing technique on which he builds his charismatic stage expression, and also his systematic way of teaching classes. A strong eager in developing himself as a teacher as well as a choreographer can be seen in his oriental, baladi and fusion dances, where his own special style consists of always suitable combinations of emotionality, lightness and drama.
In his home country Egypt Hosseny built an impressive career as a dancer. He was a soloist in the famous Reda Troupe 1991 – 2006 and performed all solo parts also with Mahmoud Reda's private dance company, among them the male solo in the Rubabikiya operette in 1999. He also performed with the ballerina Diana Calenti for several years. Also featuring in many TV-shows, he got to be known to the Egyptian audience as the first male dancer of his country.