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I started playing basketball at age 14, got cut from my high school varsity team as a freshman, sophomore and junior, and averaged 2 ppg as a senior. I walked on to a two-year (for sports) school, got recruited to (and finished my college career at) a D3 school after my freshman year.

I started my pro career in 2005, and have played in 5 countries. I put a couple of my workouts on YouTube for personal viewing, and some people caught on and liked them. Over 2,000 videos later, we're still at it.

My accomplishments thus far in life I credit to 5 pivotal attributes: Boldness; Energy; A Strong Team; Determination; and Hustle.

I can play ball with any player in the World, on any stage. It had taken me a damned long time to get to where I can say that, and now I’m saying it. If you ever meet me and ask me, I’ll tell you the same.

Student Testimonials:

“I just had email you to let you know that your skills are amazing. thank you for all the clips you’ve posted… i find your drills very helpful. keep up the good work… you are an inspiration.” -- Jay Park

"Yo Dre, I just completed the 'Ball Handling' Hoopbook. I was a pretty good handler but i always looked at the ball. Now I keep my eyes up and have no need to look at the ball to execute a move. Thanks heaps Dre." via YouTube

"I did your Hoop Handbook Vertical workout program and it helped me so much. I went from grabbing the rim with one hand to hanging on it with two. Now I can dunk off of one step. Plus, it helped condition me for tryouts and I made the team. I can't thank you enough man." - via YouTube


2,500+ YouTube training videos. Creator of Hoop Handbook.


Penn State Altoona '04 (Business Mgmt/Mktg). Post-Grad @ WOYG University