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Take some time to build your DoxaSoma practice on your own with our exercise video library. Choose any video to try out over the course of your monthly subscription. Each of the videos will have a scriptural and physical focus and introduce DoxaSoma positions and sequences of movement to help you reach your fitness goals! When you're ready, join us for a live class to interact with the instructor, set higher goals and deepen your practice. This package allows you full access to our video library every month of your subscription.

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Angela Doll Carlson has been an ACE certified personal trainer in the Chicago and Nashville areas since 1998 and has made her mission one of helping clients find that integration of mind, body and spirit. Angela is the founder and developer for the practice of DoxaSoma and owner of DoxaFit, which makes it's mission to create and support wellness programming. She has been leading DoxaSoma classes, workshops, retreats, instructor trainings and presentations since 2000. Angela is a certified mind/body specialist with ACE and achieved her certification to teach Kickboxing from NCCPT in 2015. Angela embraces the "body positive" approach to fitness, recognizing that all bodies deserve our love no regardless of size, shape and condition. Angela's book, "Garden in the East- The Spiritual Life of the Body" will be released from Ancient Faith Publishing December 2016.

Contact Angela: admin@doxafit.


ACE certified Personal Trainer ACE certified Mind/Body Specialist AFAA certified Yoga Instructor NCCPT certified Kickboxing Developer of DoxaSoma

"Angela's has done a fabulous job designing, implementing and teaching the Doxa Soma training she developed. Her teaching incorporates many styles of learning and she's constantly working on how to better herself and spread this wonderful spiritual way of fitness."

Diane Mardavich- Certified Massage Therapist

"Angela is an incredible instructor and has done a phenomenal job at taking workouts to a new deeper level. I greatly enjoyed her classes and saw tremendous results. The practice of Doxa Soma combines the techniques of yoga and pilates with deep spirituality. It provides not only an incredible physical experience but a transformation for your soul. "

Adora Sauer- Attorney

"I found Angela to be very knowledgeable in her training classes. She was also able to adapt the level of instruction to the needs of the participants. Also, the passion for her work is very evident."

Wendy Carver- Owner, Hollingworth Candies