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Finally... Beaut Camp's 12 Week Life Transformation Program! Yes, my 1on1 Beaut Camp sessions are still available at $360 per month for three sessions per week and Beaut Camp in live group sessions here for less! 1. Five live feminine fitness workouts to Shape your dream body 2. Two Meal plans for weight loss or gaining goals 3. Emotional and mental health confidence building tools 4. Meditation and yoga for spiritual upliftmentment 5. Sensual dancing, whining, beauty tips sexual empowerment 6. Group accountability, my support & expertise To give you the biggest transformation of your life!

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I am a Feminine Holistic Wellness coach which means my focus for you is always to make sure your physical, dietary, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual bodies are tended too in my classes, and workshops. You are a whole being with many layers and dimensions and you deserve to be treated as such. How is this done? and in a fun engaging way? Thats for you to come experience! sign up and lets get this party started!


I've been on the journey of self refinement, growth, & improvement for 20 years now & Im passionate to share it with you!


*MA. Mental Health Counseling*CPT*Life

"The Refinement Group to me is a group that has lovingly supported me in returning to my finest self. Like many people, my experience with working out was a love hate relationship. Though I loved the idea of having a beautiful healthy body, I hated the work I had to put in to get the results. Going to the gym just wasn't fun and it was intimidating, changing my diet was a battle, and finding the balance between work and exercise wasn't something I believed I had the time for. After working with Maat and her company the Refinement Group I have come to to fall in love with the gym, so much so that I've gone from barely working out three-four times a month, to now working out 3-4 times a week at a minimum. Today I enjoy taking care of my body and feeding it shakes and green juices. I walk in fearlessly to the weight room with a clear and set routine. I've taken responsibility for my eating habits and now incorporate healthy food options in my diet consistently. All in all I have become a more conscious woman in regards to my self care. While it seemed like a journey getting here, I knew that I couldn't do it alone, and I am so glad that I worked with Maat who actively supported me in lifting my self-esteem through fitness and health. Now my glow and beauty radiates outwardly causing me to change how I walk, dress, and show up moment by moment. Who would of thought that the simple act of consciously choosing how I presented myself in my workout clothing would make all the difference! I am grateful, Thank you Maat for supporting me in actively being a woman of self-care! Love, Light, & Gratitude "

Ashira Mothersil