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A 6-week package for men who want to lose weight (5-25lbs), gain muscle, confidence, energy, clarity and well-being through one private Tantra Core workout per-week, and one-hour of Tantra Coaching per week. Workouts are recorded for future reference. Package will include nutrition counseling, a course of all organic non-gmo supplements to support this energy upgrade, and Tantric vitality coaching, a non-sexual curriculum that teaches men how to integrate mind, body and essential energy to optimize performance in all areas of life, deepening satisfaction in every facet. Liberty. Equality. Vitality.

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Find your strength in yumminess! Empowerment and Relational Fitness is as sensual as it is strong. Classes with Meg Berry, a.k.s., Tantra Cowgirl, will leave you feeling energized, restored, lithe, sexy, strong and empowered to create the life you want. Even better? Her Tantra Core training, a mix of Tantra and Pilates, will stay with you far beyond the classroom, endowing you with tools for daily self-practice if you choose.

Meg, is just one of a handful of people to be certified by the late, world-renowned Tantra Master Psalm Isadora. She is also a classically-trained Pilates instructor, certified SHIFT Coach, Vocal Coach and Tantra Coach trained in Bodytalk and Chakredy energy systems who will empower you to train yourself to have core strength with flexibility thru self-discovery and intimacy. Regardless of whether your goals are to lose weight, heal pain, create a new relationship, create a new life, work of art or business, Meg's classes will artfully get you in to peak creative shape.

Additionally, Meg offers Goddess Core classes for women only, Classical Pilates sessions and individual and couples Tantra Coaching:

Previous to starting her own wellness studio Artful Body, Meg was a Pilates trainer at Equinox's flagship gym in the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle and at Power Pilates' former worldwide headquarters in Chelsea. Meg has worked with page 6 celebrities, professional athletes, models, and actors as well as hedge fund managers, journalists, moms and people from all walks of life. Meg specializes in prenatal and post-natal work in addition to working with folks with a myriad of injuries, conditions and goals. Her healing gifts were featured in Marie Claire Magazine.

Also a singer-songwriter, Meg is the author of the one woman show "No Shame: My Life In Tantra" as well as the alt-country musical "Half A World Away", both in development. A former resident of 6 countries across 3 continents in addition to 4 US states, Meg is a graduate of Harvard University. As a South Orange NJ resident, she gave 26 free Pilates classes to the community as part of 26 Acts of Kindness.

Meg is passionate about facilitating self-directed mind-body integration, and mildly obsessed with giving movement cues that involve food metaphors or quoting Lionel Richie lyrics, ideally, while students are inverted.


Meg has worked with page 6 celebrities, professional athletes, models, actors as well as hedge fund managers, journalists, and full-time moms.


Meg Berry is a certified Classical Pilates trainer, Psalm Isadora certified Tantra Coach and graduate of Harvard University.

"I was on a natural high after my first Tantra Core experience. Not only was it fascinating to learn about the centuries-old history of yoga and tantra from Meg, but also it was invigorating doing it and reconnecting with my body. Meg has a great fun-loving personality and you can tell that she really cares about teaching people this very special, ancient method of reconnecting with mind, body and soul to help them improve all aspects of their life."

N. Wilson, South Orange

"My work with Meg was nothing short of transformational. She was attentive to the goals that I set for myself, and flexible and creative in developing a plan to reach those goals. Her holistic approach took into account both mind and body, which was invaluable in helping me to continue on a path of healthier living."

Psychotherapist and Mother of three in South Orange, NJ

"Tantra Core has been an exciting new exercise experience for me. After this surprisingly challenging workout, I leave energized and uplifted, but more importantly feeling empowered and ready to take on the day! Meg creates a safe place and makes it fun. The breathwork is especially great as it simultaneously calms and invigorates my body, mind and spirit! Love it!"

NJ Working Mom