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This program is approved by the American Martial Arts Alliance and taught at Duke University as a physical education course for over 25 years under the direction of Grandmaster Jessie Bowen, 10th degree black belt and founder of the Aiki-Shinkai Karate System. The course teaches fundamentals of martial arts training as well as principles, philosophies, and formalities. This course contains videos which teach each of these principles as well as classes in which the student will learn their practical application. The course contains 11 Video Lesson and training manual-workbook. 4-Live online classes.

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Grandmaster Jessie Bowen is a 10th-degree black belt in karate, with a study in aikido, krav maga, jujitsu, and aikijutsu. Not only will you learn the kick and punch of the martial arts you will learn life success skills to make you a more confident and inner spiritual person through the live online training classes. You will be able to ask questions, demonstration, and receive a greater understanding of the martial arts and self-defense principles for daily living.

In his training program, you will be taught the inner art of meditation through the vast knowledge of personal development training. Grandmaster Bowen is a certified Life Success Coach, holding degrees in Business Management, Sports Hypnosis, NLP, and Martial Science. You can have all of this knowledge in the comfort of your home or office.

Personal Achievements

As an educator, he has been on the Duke University Physical Education staff for over 20 years, influencing thousands of students in mind-body training. Grand Master Bowen is a Corporate Educator for Duke Corporate Education, ranked the world's #1 provider of Custom Executive Education by the Financial Times. His empowerment course "The Karate Experience - Breaking Through Barriers" is offered nationally and internationally for executive team building.

Grandmaster Bowen is committed to providing the highest quality training available. He believes that all of his programs should be serious but fun at the same time.

The desire of the online training is to ensure students feel comfortable in the PowHow class and to really get the most out of the time spent together. Grandmaster Bowen takes pride in offering a positive learning environment where individuals of all ages can benefit no matter their abilities.

So, if you're looking to get yourself back into shape, master self-defense, and take your body and mind to the next level - than join our online class.

New Book Release: 2017 AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Autobiography Book.

Grandmaster Bowen's Other Accomplishments:
2018 Action Martial Art Magazines Hall of Honors Award - Broadcasting

2017 Action Martial Art Magazines Hall of Honors Award - Publishing

2017 AFKA Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Author of the AMAA WHO'S WHO in the Martial Arts Autobiography Book

2017 Inductee into the Sport Karate Museum

Won over 1000 awards in sport karate competition

Published 12 books on personal development training, including the Who's Who in the Martial arts (3) Series.

AFKA Hall of Fame Hall of Fame Induction Silver Lifetime Achievement Award

Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame as the 2014 Ambassador of Goodwill to the Martial Art
Member Solution Financial Services Top Achiever Award
NRC Business Man of the Year

American Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame Leadership Award


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Bachelors in Martial Arts Management Certifications Life Coaching Mindfulness Coach Hypnosis Coach

""The sin of life, to be born and die without leaving your mark to be remembered""


Grandmaster Jessie Bowen