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In this package, get access to all of Faten's past DVDs covering basic technique, oriental choreography, folkloric technique and choreography.These videos were filmed from 2003 to 2008.

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An electrifying performer and generous teacher, Faten spent over two decades delighting the international belly dance community. A native Egyptian, Faten began dancing at 11 years of age when she was selected to attend a dance school for children run by country's first-ever national folk troupe, and was one of the first dancers selected for troupe membership. A resident expert on Egyptian traditional dance, Faten offers extensive cultural & ethnographic knowledge and gives her students the ability to create informed folklore presentations.

Faten's classical Egyptian style captures the essence of all we admire in the Egyptian Danse Orientale. When dancing full time and performing for entertaining heads of state, ambassadors, and royalty across the globe, she earned a Bachelor of Art
Degree in French Literature. With her husband, Shawki Naim, the top soloist in Egypt and the National Troupe choreographer, they created their own troupe, which traveled and performed around the world, which continues to serve as the National Folkloric Troupe of Egypt.

In the tradition of our own grandparents and ancestors, she captures the rich treasures of the old world to enrich the culture of her new American home. Her aesthetic is vibrant and imbued with the soulful emotion that is at the heart of this art form. Faten adds to this her very own quintessential feminine grace and passionate love and joy of the dance. Faten currently teaches techniques and choreographies in both Folkloric and Oriental Egyptian style at Saffron dance studio in Arlington, VA and gives seminars throughout the world.

"Faten Salama was one of my main teachers and influenced me greatly as a dancer. I started class with her when I was young, maybe 14 or 15, and continued training with her into my 20s. She is an extremely generous teacher and because of her extensive knowledge and talent for both folklore and oriental Egyptian dance I was able to gain so much from her. I really believe that learning about folkloric dances and where they come from is essential to being a great Egyptian style dancer, Faten can give you this and soooo much more! Faten is really a treasure and I highly encourage everyone to train with her, you will fall in love with her and with this dance."


"Faten is a caring instructor whose choreography illustrates how to break down music, integrate traditional movements as well as add flair. She has an extremely vast knowledge of Egyptian Oriental & Egyptian Folkloric dance. I would recommend any student wanting to learn Egyptian styling to definitely study with Faten. "

Victoria Teel

""Faten is by far the most influential person in my dance journey. I started taking classes from her in 2007 after being referred to her by my previous dance teacher. I remember her saying to me: “We are very lucky to have Faten in our area, you should try her classes.” But first I decided to order one of her DVD’s to see what she was all about, since there wasn’t much inform...ation online about her. In the DVD she taught an oriental routine and a haggalla routine. This was my first time seeing folkloric steps and choreography, and I immediately fell in love with Faten’s teaching style and steps. Faten is a very generous teacher, she is gentle but tough if she needs to be, and charming and funny. I like that she honors the dance without taking it too seriously, she has a lightness and a sense of humor about it, which keeps things fun. She has taught me to be soft in the dance, and to have feeling, as well as the right way to do Egyptian style. I never have to worry that my dance will be unauthentic because she has firsthand knowledge of all the different Egyptian folkloric styles and what music and steps go with what style. In addition to her abundant knowledge of folkoric dance, Faten is a master at oriental style: she is always inventing new steps and consistently has a fresh take on traditional belly dance steps. Every class I attend I learn something new and useful." "

Blythe Jones