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September 30, 2018

Dear Community,

Today we are announcing that we will be shutting down Powhow on November 30th, 2018.  

Over the past seven years, we’ve enabled hundreds of thousands of amazing classes and have had the privilege to work with the world’s best instructors on our platform.  We are proud of the product we built but even more so grateful to the community who loved and used our product.  Although we have always believed in our community, unfortunately we were never able to grow Powhow into a profitable business which is why we must close our doors.  


Live classes and videos will remain accessible on Powhow up until November 30th.  Existing Powhow students will have up until November 30th to use their remaining credits for live classes and may continue to purchase and view classes on Powhow until November 30th.  

If you have purchased a monthly subscription or lifetime video package from your Instructor, please contact your instructor to inquire about their plans to migrate their video service and your subscription to a different platform.  



Powhow Instructors will have up until November 30th to download their recorded videos and content stored on the Powhow service.   To assist with this, we have enabled a new “Download video” link underneath the title of each video in the Videos tab of your Instructor Dashboard.  

In order to continue providing uninterrupted service to your students, Powhow Instructors are encouraged to migrate their videos to Udemy, Skillshare or other online video service of your choice as soon as possible prior to November 30th.  These platforms will allow you to create video packages and subscription services comparable to what you have been selling on Powhow.  You may also create promotion codes for your existing students to access your new services for free and to transfer their subscriptions onto your new teaching platform.  

A notice about our plans to shutdown the Powhow service along with a link to this document will be posted on the Powhow website starting today.  You must be logged into your Powhow student or instructor account to see the link.  

We encourage Powhow Instructors to send an email to your students as soon as possible informing them of your plans to migrate their active class subscriptions and videos to a different platform.  In your Instructors Dashboard: Clients tab, you may continue to use our Email tools to email your Clients and Followers about your migration plans.  We have also enabled a new “Download Clients List” link that will allow you to download a CSV file of any Powhow user who has purchased or signed up for a class or subscription from you.


Your subscription as a Powhow Instructor will continue to be active and you may continue to sell on the Powhow service up until November 30th.  Your September and October statements and payments will be processed normally on the following month.  Your final payment for any services sold on our platform for November will be paid out to you by December 31st, 2018.  If you have purchased an annual or biannual Instructor plan for this year, the balance of your remaining service term will be refunded with your final statement.  All active monthly Instructor subscriptions will be canceled on November 30th.