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by Paula Ribotto, Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher
Join me for classes that will inspire, enrich and broaden your life. These classes will test your resilience, help relieve stress and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.
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40 Day Meditation Challenge 2017 - 40 Days 40 Tips
Join me for 40 days of Meditation and get 40 tips to a successful meditation practice delivered to your inbox. All you need to do is click the following link and sign up. As yogis we know that we can affect our mental and emotional well-being by meditating and using mantra. As we chant and consciously create a vibration through mantra, we can cut through our subconscious patterns and shift the way we see and live in the world. Join me for an uplifting meditation and elevate yourself to feel good!
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Video: 40 Day Meditation Challenge.mp4

Video: 5th Sutra2.mp4

Video: Magic Mantra.mp4

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Kundalini yoga for the Chakras
This package includes 8 separate Kundalini Yoga video classes that guide the participant through each of the Chakras. Each video focuses on a different Chakra offering a full Kriya, meditation, and relaxation to help develop a better understanding of the qualities of that Chakra and what kind of relationship the participant has with it's energy. This is a wonderful way to explore the chakra system and focus directly on what might be challenging or blocking you from moving into your full potential.
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8 Videos

Video: 1st Chakra.mp4

Video: 2nd chakra .mp4

Video: 3rd chakra.mp4

Video: 4th Chakra.mp4

Video: 5th Chakra.mp4

and 3 more videos
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Beginners Kundalini Yoga - A Gentle Start
This is a great intro to Kundalini Yoga. A gentle start that explains the class structure and allows you to learn the different breathing techniques, mantras, and postures of a typical Kundalini yoga class while developing strength and flexibility in your spine. Each class will have breath work, a kriya, relaxation to the gong, and a meditation.
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8 Videos

Video: Basic Spinal Energy Series.mp4

Video: beginner kundalini yoga class 1.mp4

Video: Gentle Kundalini Yoga an Intro.mp4

Video: Kriya for Elevation.mp4

Video: Surya Kriya.mp4

and 3 more videos
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90/40 day meditation with the 4th Sutra of the Aquarian Age
"Understand through Compassion or misunderstand the times". What would life be like if each and every day, for 40 or 90 days, you committed to a transformative heart opening and energizing meditation practice?  Join me for and explore the element of compassion, learn something new or bring your practice to a brand new level. Watch the video to learn the instructions and participate by coming back everyday for the next 40/90 days. Email support is available by emailing me and requesting to be on the email list. Included in this package is a special 2 hour class on opening the doorway to compassion
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2 Videos

Video: 2d. meditation for the 4th sutra.mp4

Video: Opening the doorway to compassion.mp4

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The 8 Elements of Excellence
Everyday Excellence gives you the yogic tools you need to break through your existing patterns that hold you back from being successful. Become the true You! Each of us has the potential to be excellent; it is in our nature. Fulfill your inner longing; live your best life. The Eight Elements of Excellence video series is your road map that moves you through a process to achieve your goals . This series assisst you in making the changes you want and keeping true to your path. Begin today 8 Elements of Excellence by Yogi Bhajan Vision Courage Grit Humility Knowledge Prayer Grace Determination
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9 Videos

Video: 1. 8 Elements of Excellence - Vision.mp4

Video: 2. 8 Elements of Excellence - Courage.mp4

Video: 3. 8 Elements of Excellence - Grit.mp4

Video: 4. 8 Elements of Excellence - Humility.mp4

Video: 5. 8 Elements of Excellence Knowledge.mp4

and 4 more videos
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Kundalini Yoga Boot Camp
Challenge yourself, get fit, and become clear with Kundalini Yoga. This series of classes work to tone all the systems of the body while building strength and flexibility. It will make you sweat, challenge your mind, and elevate your spirit.
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8 Videos

Video: Kriya for Flexibility and the Spine.mp4

Video: Kriya for General Maintenance.mp4

Video: Kriya for Opportunity and Green Energy.mp4

Video: Nabbi Kriya.mp4

Video: SAT KRIYA Workout.mp4

and 3 more videos
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Live Class with Recording
Morning Sadhana Kundalini Yoga
Boost your energy with Kundalini Yoga. This class will include stress relieving breathing techniques, a Kriya that rejuvenate your body and clears your mind. Following a short relaxation we will end with 62 minutes of meditation that will inspire you to keep up to the demands of your everyday life.
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