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by Melissa Scott, Yoga Professional
Join me for fun, empowering Core Strength Vinyasa yoga classes. CSV is an anatomically-based flow style that helps you get stronger from the inside out. Perfect for all levels.
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Arm Balances & Inversions

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Arm Balances & Inversions
Always wanted to fly on your yoga mat? Join me for a quick and easy break down of the most common arm balances and inversions of modern yoga practice. Learn the secrets to overcoming fears and proper alignment that will have you flying in no time. Course includes break down videos of 6 arm balances and 5 inversions that will help you build strength, advance your practice, and have more fun on your mat.
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18 Videos

Video: Arm Balances & Inversions 1 -

Video: Arm Balances & Inversions 2 - Believe That You Can.m4v

Video: Arm Balances & Inversions 3 - Set Your

Video: Arm Balances & Inversions 4 - Draw into the Midline.m4v

Video: Arm Balances & Inversions 5 - Find You Balance

and 13 more videos
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Journey through the Chakras
Get grounded and centered with this all-levels yoga journey through the chakras. Enjoy one 10-minute yoga practice for each of the 7 major chakras. Do them alone or mix and match for a yoga practice that leaves you feeling refreshed. Includes a bonus 16-minute, invigorating Full Chakra Flow! A great package of classes for beginners or anyone looking to explore the chakras on the mat.
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4 Classes

4 Powhow Credits for any class of $15.00 or less with Melissa

8 Videos

Video: Chakra 1 -- The Root Chakra Yoga Practice.mp4

Video: Chakra 2 -- The Sacral Chakra Yoga Practice.mp4

Video: Chakra 3 -- The Solar Plexus Chakra Yoga Practice.mp4

Video: Chakra 4 -- The Heart Chakra Yoga Practice.mp4

Video: Chakra 5 -- The Throat Chakra Yoga Practice.mp4

and 3 more videos
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Monthly Subscription
You're Stronger Than You Think You Are - Monthly Subscription
Find your deep Core Strength and get unlimited access to all my videos and classes! New classes every month to help you feel strong and centered from the inside out.
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4 Classes Per Month

Class credits automatically renew at the end of each month.

4 Powhow Credits for any class of $15.00 or less with Melissa

26 Videos

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Live Class with Recording
Lunchtime Core Strength Vinyasa Flow
Join me for a low-key, core strengthening CSV practice to get you ready for the weekend. Focus is on deep core strength and relaxation.
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