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by Lilli Caporello, Yoga Therapist Professional
Lilli Caporello is an international E-200 and 500 Registered Yoga Teacher. She is a Yoga teacher and therapist with a background of Hatha, Ashtanga and CSV Yoga, pranayama, fitness, weight loss...
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Commit to Yourself - Monthly Subscription
Commit to your health and happiness with unlimited monthly access to my classes and videos Come have fun with me. Join me in my classes and expect physical, mental and energetical benefits. My classes are designed to make you feel at your best in every aspect of your life. You will leave the class with a sense of release that will keep you smiling all day Classes in English Clases en Espanol Classi in Italiano
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Pranayama Techniques ENG
Fifteen different Pranayama Techniques explained for all levels to apply to different parts of your life to improve it and feel better.
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Video: Agni Sari Pranayama ENG

Video: Alternate NostrilsPranayama: Nadi Sodhana ENG

Video: Bhastrika Pranayama ENG

Video: Brahmari Pranayama ENG

Video: Chest-Belly-Pelvic Breathings Explained ENG.wmv

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