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by Leyla Jouvana, Master Teacher & Choreographer
I am going to teach different styles and techniques, Rhythms, Choreographies for all levels. I also offer recordings and Gala Shows of OFE. I am excited to share this with you now on powhow.
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Package Grand Gala Show Part 1 & 2 in HD

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Package Grand Gala Show Part 1 & 2 in HD
Get the full show, all performances from all international Superstars. Including: Classic - Raks Sharki (American Cabaret), Latin Fusion, Fantasy, Contemporary, Mejance, Shaabi, Tarab, Drum Solo, Veil & Voi Poi Choreo.... First class performances. The OFE is the biggest Dance Festival of Europe and one of the biggest in the world, teachers from all continents take part and visitors from all over the world enjoy the Festival & Grand Gala Show.
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2 Videos

Video: Grand Gala Show 25th OFE - Part 2 of 2 (HD Quality)

Video: Grand Gala Show of 25th Dance Festival of Europe, Part 1 of 2

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